Monday, April 23, 2012

Thatzza Pizza

Thatzza Pizza

201 South Main
Monticello, Utah, 84535

(435) 459-9715

Website: N/A

Another pizza shop has opened its doors in Monticello, Utah, Thatzza Pizza, owned by Tom and Linda Wigginton. Tom and Linda are not new to pizza making, having once owned a pizza shop in St. George, Utah. They are a friendly couple, don't mind chatting and show pride in their shop. When I first called in an order, Linda answered the phone in a cheery tone and didn't mind my questions regarding how menu items were prepared. Menu items are available for pickup or delivery; and they also offer their own version of the "Take and Bake" pizza for baking in your own home, whether immediately, or frozen for later use.

Thatzza Pizza is located on a corner; the interior is primarily taken up with food preparation equipment and counter space; there is no space available for indoor seating. I do wonder if, with warmer weather settling in, there is any plan to set up tables and chairs outside.

The Chicken Wings are baked in the oven; however there was no problem in getting them cooked longer, so they would crisp up more. Unfortunately, baked chicken wings do not allow for the skin to render the fat, giving them a gummy, slimy texture. Thatzza Pizza's wings were not too bad with the extra cooking time; still not as crispy as we like them, but not gummy or slimy either. The barbecue sauce was indeed very mild and did not overpower the flavor of the chicken itself.

The Personal Size Cheese Pizza was typical of what I call "Utah Style" pizza; thick and bready, much like a focaccia dough. While there was a nice amount of cheese, I thought the sauce was lost between the large amount of dough and cheese.

The bottom crust was underdone to my personal liking with pizza; I much prefer browned and crispy. Thinner dough cooked at a high temperature (450F to 500F) would achieve this effect; but this is more New York style than Utah style.

My husband had the Personal Size Veggie Pizza; while he agreed that the crust was too thick and bready, he did like the combination of vegetables, cheese and sauce. The amounts and flavors complimented each other well.

Rating Thatzza Pizza, we would give it a C+ which means we're willing to go back and try other items on the menu for a fair taste testing. That is one of the downfalls of being a "pizza snob", I'm rough on my pizza ratings. Try out Thatzza Pizza for yourself though and give them your own fair taste testing.

Mary Cokenour

June 12, 2012 - I was able to finally see how they bake their pizzas; in a tabletop convection oven.  While this may minimize baking time of a 16 inch pizza (8-9 minutes), it by all means does not have the capability to brown and crisp a pizza crust.  My firm recommendation to Thatzza Pizza, if they truly want to make authentic and outstanding pizza, is to invest in a real pizza oven that can provide the proper high temperatures required to crisp and brown pizza dough.

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  1. Mary: Have you tried Wagon Wheel Pizza, also on Main Street in Monticello. Wagon Wheel has been in business for many years providing excellent pizza. I suggest you try it, if you haven't already.

    1. Yes I have, a few times, mostly when it was at a social gathering, and before I began doing restaurant reviews. I do intend on trying it one more time, and then writing about it just like I did with Thatzza Pizza. I certainly don't play favorites and tell it exactly like it is; so if I don't agree with you, don't be surprised.

  2. Pizza from the convection oven?!

    1. I know, right! There is no way to get a crispy crust on a pizza in a convection oven. A pizza oven or wood burning oven would be 100% is not a cake!