Monday, November 24, 2014; A Review by my Dogs.

Disclaimer: The taste testing done for this review was done by my dogs. The opinions expressed within are solely based upon how fast they ate the treats, who grabbed what toy, and the condition of said toys currently. In no way did I influence their opinions by tasting the dog treats myself. That's a big, "Oh hell no!" from me.

Phone: (855) 520-BARK (2275)


I saw so many ads about this home delivery system for dogs on Facebook; and I decided to try it out.  There are four sizes of dog; less than 10 lbs., 10-20 lbs., 20-50 lbs. and over 50 lbs.; you pick the package deal (monthly, six months, 18 months); and there are discounts for multiple dogs.  Even though I have multiple dogs, I purchased for one; let them share and see what they all think of it before I go for the gusto!

One of the most important issues of Barkbox; 10 percent of all profits goes directly to animal rescue shelters.  The more you buy, the more the company profits, the more money goes towards saving animal lives.  I most certainly agree with this!

What kind of quality are the treats and toys?  Here is a direct quote from the company "Frequently Asked Questions" guide:


Where are items made? Are they safe for my pup?

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2014 03:45PM EDT
We totally understand your concern for your pups health, we feel the same way! We have extremely high standards for all of the edible items we select for the boxes. All treats are sourced from the USA and Canada, and chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Rest assured, we would never send items we would not give our own very spoiled pups.

Here are our head product tester Scout's standards when testing edible items: Minimal processing; no glycerin whenever possible; wheat, gluten, soy, corn, filler-free whenever possible; organic whenever possible. We are moving toward limited, if not single, ingredient products.

Our toys, grooming products, and hygiene products are sourced from around the world and are all approved by our office dog product testers. We want everything we include in BarkBox to be high quality and safe and the thorough testing we do on our own dogs allows us to feel confident about the standard of quality of goods manufactured here or abroad.


I receive an email every time a box is shipped out, so I know when to expect it.  When I received the first box, I opened it up, arranged the items and let the dogs sniff it up.  My Australian Shepherd, Tippy, pulled the "Loopies Fish Bones Toy" out of the box and began playing with it immediately.  I was a bit worried as all the dogs usually tear open these type of toys and pull the squeaky noise maker out.  It's been two months now, and the toy is still intact!  In fact, the "Mummy Squeeky Toy" that came in the special Halloween box, is still intact too.  They love these toys!!!

 Now here is the really fun part; my dogs know the Barkbox.  Whenever I pick it up from the post office, as soon as I bring it inside the house; there is a flurry of excitement!  They're jumping up and down, trying to knock it out of my hands, so they can get to the treats and toys inside.  Of course, I portion out the treats daily; I'm not having any of them get sick by pigging out.   Each box comes with a description card of the items; reorder codes are printed if you want to special order any of the items.

Depending on the plan you purchase, full payment is made via credit card.  You can easily change your plan, and receive back a refund if you decide not to get the monthly shipments anymore.  But why would you do that!?!

I'm a good mom to my four legged children; the snacks are healthy, the toys are safe; what else could I ask for?  Try out for your furry children, and see what they think.

Mary Cokenour

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