Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twin Rocks Gets a Facelift.

Twin Rocks Cafe and Gift Shop

913 East, Navajo Twins Drive
Bluff, Utah, 84512

Phone: (435) 672-2341


For a few weeks, Twin Rocks Café, down in Bluff, was closed for reconstructive surgery.  Seems this old established restaurant was looking for a younger, fresher look; so popular in today’s society of Botox and collagen injections.  After hearing they had reopened, we hightailed it down to Bluff to see the new do; but alas, the bandages still covered the façade.  The wintery weather, all of San Juan County was experiencing, was making the healing process go slow.
At one time, the interior dining area was “L” shaped, but now it was a three sectioned area; great for closing off a private party area when needed.  Where patio seating used to be, it was now enclosed with large picture windows to allow in more light, and outdoor viewing.  During cold weather, or rainy days, diners would be comfortably warm, and dry, while enjoying Twin Rocks’ fresh made meals.  The patio tables and chairs outside had been moved further down towards the gift shop; good strategy to entice those outside to come in and buy.

It was a Saturday night and the specialty was Prime Rib (12 or 16 ounce) with potato, grilled vegetables and choice of soup or salad.  Two of us went for this goodie; tender beef perfectly cooked to your desired taste; fluffy baked potato, or homemade, red skin, mashed potatoes; an assortment of grilled vegetables with just a touch of seasoning.  My husband, Roy, ordered the Country Fried Steak which he described as “just right”; breaded coating not too light, but not too thick.  A mildly peppered gravy which enhanced the taste of the steak and mashed potatoes, instead of hiding their flavor.  Our good friends, Amy, and her father, Richard Watkins were with us; he ordered the Fish and Chips which was lightly bread, flaky fish and crispy, fluffy French fries.  Dessert, not tonight, as we had pigged out on Twin Rocks’ deliciously addicting Chicken Wings and Onion Rings for appetizers.
Prime Rib
Country Fried Steak

Fish and Chips

Chicken Wings Appetizer
Onion Rings Appetizer
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Dinner Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
Service at Twin Rocks Café is always welcoming, friendly and with a smile; any concerns are taken cared of immediately.  Dining is leisurely; no one rushed out just to get a high turn around rate.  Happy diners are a must; no matter if the person is a local, or visitor from another area, the management wants everyone to come back!!!  Locals come from all over San Juan County to eat the mouthwatering American and Navajo cuisines offered on the menu.  Thrilled voices hailing greetings to friends and neighbors filled the air; even former mayor of Monticello, Doug Allen, and his family were there. 
Former Monticello, Utah mayor, Doug Allen and family.
The finished workmanship on the dining area will be a site to see; but truthfully, everyone goes for the great food.  Twin Rocks Café, now that’s good eats!

Sunset View from Dining Room.
Mary Cokenour

Gift Shop


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