Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Good Eating at DC Rack Haus

DC Rack Haus

330 Highway 491
Dove Creek, CO, 81324

Phone: (970) 677-2656


Hours of Operation:  Monday thru Saturday, 7am to 2pm
                                      Closed Sunday

A little over one and ½ years ago, Beth Spigner, was working at The Dinner Bell, in quiet Dove Creek, Colorado.  Then it happened, the owners decided to pull up stakes and sell.  Beth talked it over with mom, Athena Spigner, and the decision was made.  Purchasing the restaurant and becoming co-owners, revamping the interior and menu; these two ladies were on a mission.  A mission to become the culinary goddesses of Dove Creek, and strong goddesses they are!

A military family, formerly from California, the move to Dove Creek, 16 years ago, was another easy decision.  Though they had traveled far and wide, retirement brought the Spigner family to a place they enjoyed visiting often, Colorado.  What better way to put down solid roots within the community, then to purchase a business to cater to it?

Now many locals were a bit concerned, “What about the Dinner Bell’s menu!?!”  Little by little, new menu items were phased in, older ones phased out.  You know, like that Whole Foods Thanksgiving commercial, “They’ll never know, we’ll just phase it in.”   There are three tried and true dishes that remain, “Open Face Burger”, “Green Smothered Burrito”, and the “DC Steak”.  DC Rack Haus uses the same tried and true recipe, so makes the best green chili around.  There was no way that was coming off the menu.  Well, unless the new owners wanted to find themselves at the open end of a hanging rope.

Third easy decision was the days and hours of operation.  Monday thru Saturday, 7am to 2pm, are prime time, and busy they are.  Locals flock in for deliciously prepared breakfasts and lunches; mainly house made with ingredients sourced locally.  During hunting season, hunters eagerly find the time for fluffy flapjacks and waffles; crispy French toast, and omelettes bulging with cheeses, meats and veggies of choice.  There are other egg dishes to choose from, biscuits and gravy, and, of course, the breakfast burrito.

Lunch time features are geared towards American and Mexican cuisines.  The burgers are half pounders, perfectly grilled with oozing delectable juices.  Try out the Snow-Cap with grilled mushrooms, onions, ooey-gooey Jack cheese on a toasted bun.  The veggies served are alongside the burger, so they are cool and crisp before adding to your burger.  The burgers are two fisted, so come hungry, and ask for extra napkins.  Side is crispy French fries, but sweet potato fries or crunchy onions rings can be substituted for an extra $1.50.  The portions are large, so once again, come hungry!  Let me tell you, for the portions you receive, the prices on the menu are spot on as well.

Patty Melt


Inside the Snow-Cap

There are wraps with or without meats; there is the “everyone’s favorite”, Country Fried Steak served with fries, toast and country style gravy.  The Country Fried Steak is also a breakfast feature with eggs and home style potatoes.  Looking for something more filling and vegetarian; try out a Veggie Wrap, Salad or Green Chili Cheese Fries.  The Cole slaw is house made, and that includes the dressing.  Do not be afraid to ask about ingredients, the Spigners want to make sure you have exactly what you are craving.

DC Rack Haus is family friendly as well, with a Kiddie Menu that will satisfy a child with choices of PBJ, Grilled Cheese, Mac n’ Cheese, burgers that small hands can manage and chicken strips.

While the high season does bring in more visitor business, having tour groups scheduling meals breaks, in Dove Creek, would be a huge boon to the community.   Well, to any small community where tourism is becoming a major attraction.  Tour companies need to get smarter about including breaks within small towns, where the service is more homegrown and comfortable.

Overall, the atmosphere is cozy, the service is friendly, and the food is just what the comfort doctor ordered.  Whether in Dove Creek, Colorado, another nearby town, or simply passing through, stop into DC Rack Haus for a homestyle breakfast or lunch that will make your eyes roll with dining pleasure.  You will not be disappointed!

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu
Mary Cokenour

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