Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You don't deserve this break, so stay away.


Hwy 160
PO Box 1470
Kayenta, AZ 86033

(928) 697-8169

Website: www.mcdonalds.com

This review is short and definitely not sweet.

Unfortunately, if you're traveling from Utah to the Grand Canyon on a Sunday morning, and looking for a little breakfast to tide you over; Kayenta gives you a choice of this place or another fast food place. We chose McDonald's and it is definitely set up to trap "tourists".

The prices are much higher here and the food is actually smaller in size than usual; so getting your money's worth is not their policy. Service was very slow; and while clean inside, the exterior had a pest problem.

When entering or exiting the building, or just standing by your vehicle, don't be surprised to be approached by males, obviously intoxicated, panhandling. We were approached and we watched as it happened to many others. We were there almost an hour and no employee from McDonald's asked these men to leave the premises. Not a safe environment.

Mary Cokenour

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