Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thinking Indulgence...Think Jeffrey's Steakhouse.

Jeffrey's Steakhouse

218 North 100 West
Moab, UT, 84532

(435) 259-3588

Open daily at 5:00 PM


October 8th is our wedding anniversary and we always make sure to go to a restaurant where, if only for one night, we can be pampered and absolutely spoiled rotten. Jeffrey's Steakhouse did the job and did it quite well.

While there is a beautiful patio area for dining, the cool October weather did not permit this. Inside, the atmosphere is quiet and intimate; jazz or ballads playing in the background; the decor is modern with a rustic feel. There are about 12 tables which can accommodate 1-4 diners, helping to maintain that intimate feeling. Upstairs is an area named "The Ghost Bar" due to a local story and eye witness claims of a young woman, from the past, frequenting the area.

Our waitress, Tricia, made our evening very enjoyable; she was very pleasant to talk with, very knowledgeable about the restaurant itself and the menu, and quick to find out an answer if the information was unknown to her. Any recommendations she made were spot on.

We opened with Calamari; lightly battered large slices and tentacles which were tender, served with a delectable tomato and balsamic sauce.

Dinner for my husband was the Wagyu New York Strip with a side of crispy fried zucchini. Jeffrey's is known for their Wagyu, also known as American Kobe; the crust on the steak was perfect; it was cooked perfectly, tender, succulent and it needed no accompaniments. The zucchini was lightly battered, like the calamari, melt in the mouth soft on the inside while the skin had a crispy snap to it.

I opted for the Duck special; a roasted duck breast in a light sauce which was not greasy and had a hearty, yet comforting mouth feel to it. The candied carrots were tender and not overly sweet; but the stuffing was to die for. Jeffrey (chef/owner) had purchased the ingredients from the local market that morning...delectable bread with a mixture of carrots, mushrooms, garlic, herbs and seasonings. I would have had a bowl of this stuffing for dinner and been a very happy woman.

For dessert, we chose the Lemon Tulle special; an almond, caramel tulle bowl filled with lemon ice cream and whipped cream. The lemon ice cream was refreshing, the bowl was a candy treat, and we had absolute fun eating this dessert.

At Jeffrey's, the majority of items on the menu and the specials are made in house; if it is not, like the New York Cheesecake, they will let you know. Jeffrey's is quality fine dining; the type of establishment that is perfect for a special occasion, celebration or party event. Jeffrey's is for indulgence, to be pampered and to have a memorable day made more memorable. Definitely make reservations as this establishment fills up quickly with diners looking for an ultimate meal.

Mary Cokenour

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