Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stephanie's Sweet Treats.

Stephanie's Sweet Treats

Owner: Stephanie Hayes
Location: Monticello, Utah
Contact Number: 435-587-3381

Stephanie Hayes is a sweet lady who knows how to make a person smile with her sweet treats. All homemade with natural ingredients and loads of love and passion, Stephanie's stand at the local market is always a sold out spot. Her collection of products includes candies, fudge, brownies, cookies, jams and jellies; but she's not one to be afraid of attempting a new treat.

One of her newest items is the Buckeye candy pictured above; a center loaded with butter and peanut butter and covered in rich chocolate. Smooth and decadent; just one will have you in a complete candy high for the day.

A favorite of mine is her Peanut Brittle, also pictured above. Stephanie uses Spanish peanuts, so the Brittle has a deep peanut flavor which is not lost in the caramelized sugar. The Brittle is not as sweet as store bought, but has an overall satisfying flavor for any sweet tooth.  As you can see from the photo, the brittle is honeycombed, giving it a light, airy texture that doesn't, and here's the really great part, stick to your teeth.

Looking for a special treat to give for a special occasion; give Stephanie a call and get those sweets for your sweet.

Mary Cokenour

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