Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buitoni - Savior of the Pasta Making Challenged.

Buitoni Pasta


Hello, my name is Mary and I am pasta making challenged. Many times I have attempted to make fresh, homemade pasta; I even had an actual pasta making machine; and failed miserably time after time. I eventually sold the machine at a garage sale and I was very happy to see a stranger walk away with my nemesis.

Brands like Ronzoni, Barilla and San Giorgio offered me the dried variety which encompassed every shape and size imaginable; while Celentano and Rosetto provided ravioli and tortellini. Many other brands have surfaced throughout the years; trial and error has taught me which to remain loyal to, and which to avoid at all costs.

Then came the fresh pasta craze and everyone and their mother was putting out some sort or another. I tried many and am happy to say that I have found one brand that seems to remain in the lead; Buitoni. Now I have to admit, I will buy their fresh pastas, but when it comes to sauces I still make my own.  Sorry Buitoni, that's just the way I roll.

So lets talk about Buitoni's Cheese and Roasted Garlic Tortelloni. In case you didn't know, tortelloni is a larger version of tortellini. The 9 ounce package will give almost 3 cups of the cooked pasta; basically a meal for two including a salad; or a meal for one very hungry individual. The filling is a mixture of four cheeses: ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and romano; with basil, roasted garlic and dried red bell pepper. I like serving either a simple homemade pasta sauce or a light tomato vodka cream sauce; Alfredo sauce does not go well with this pasta.

What I like about Buitoni is that I can buy their items on sale and they freeze very well.  With cooking, the pasta does not become gummy like some other frozen pasta brands might do.  They stay intact, so the fillings are not oozing out into the boiling water.

So, if you are pasta making challenged like me, but would like to have a meal of fresh pasta, try Buitoni.

Mary Cokenour

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