Friday, May 4, 2012

Village Inn Restaurant and Bakery

Village Inn Restaurant and Bakery

3715 N Kasper Ave
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

(928) 526-5330


After a long five hour drive to Flagstaff, we decided to stop at the first diner looking place we saw, and that was the Village Inn Restaurant and Bakery. Considering it was lunch time, there were very few customers inside; but we were greeted in a very friendly manner and drinks were served immediately.

The food here is average, budget friendly for travelers, and while average, still tastes fresh and good depending on what you order. I had the Club Sandwich with Fries; what I really liked about this sandwich was that they used real, roasted turkey breast and baked ham; not thinly sliced cold cuts you can get in any supermarket. The fries were seasoned, crispy outside, fluffy inside; I was pretty satisfied with my choice.

My husband though was not very happy with his sandwich; the Grilled Chicken with Swiss cheese and Avocado slices. He said that the chicken was dry and rubbery, he could barely taste the cheese, but the avocado was a nice touch to an overall "blah" sandwich.

Since it was Wednesday when we ate there, we received a free slice of pie. We both chose the Blueberry Lemon Supreme, since the photo staring us in the face looked so enticing. The pie was very good; crust was light and flaky, the cream cheese filling was smooth and creamy and the mixture of lemon with blueberry was perfect. The hostess and waitress bragged about the pies at the Village Inn, and rightly so.

To be fair, if I was staying in Flagstaff for an extended period, I would give Village Inn another try; most likely the breakfast menu, so I could try the Eggs Benedict.

Mary Cokenour

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