Monday, October 22, 2012

Condoms for Dessert

I couldn't help myself, but every time I see the commercial for Magnum Ice Cream bars I think, condoms!?!  Magnum just happens to be a brand for condoms, so I have to wonder if the company who made the ice cream used that fact to attract attention to the ice cream.  Another factor that makes me think condom is, well it's the reservoir tip on the ice cream bar which is similar to; I believe you're getting my point (no pun intended).

Anyway, lets get on to this product review:

Magnum Ice Cream Bars


They are available in a number of flavored coatings such as milk and dark chocolate, almond, caramel; and they just introduced white chocolate and mint which I'm truly looking forward to trying out. All have vanilla bean ice cream except for the double chocolate which is a chocolate coating over chocolate ice cream. The coating over the ice cream is a thin, hardened layer of rich Belgian chocolate and oh so decadent. The ice cream is so smooth and creamy, if it alone came in containers, I'd be a loyal purchaser.  The company has introduced Classic and Almond smaller versions called "Mini Pleasures"; a two bite clone of the larger bars.  Personally, two bites might be a simple pleasure, but I want the explosive orgasm of the large bar. 

I've tried Dove Bars, the new Cadbury Bars and various other brands, the Magnum is, by far, the most outstanding.  My favorite way of eating this bar is to first bite off the tip; a little chocolate, a little ice cream for the tease.  I nibble the coating off the sides before gobbling the front and back sides.  Then I lick that luscious ice cream like a contented cat lapping up thick cream from a bowl.  Now that's pleasure!!!

Any way you eat a Magnum, you'll be one of the happiest people in the world.  Try one today!

Mary Cokenour

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