Monday, November 26, 2012

Mongolian Grill is #1 in Durango.

Mongolian Grill

1135 S. Camino Del Rio, #230 (next to WalMart)
Durango, Colorado, 81303

(970) 259-7228 or 7229

Normally when you see "Grill", you think barbecue and you'd be partially correct.  Mongolian Grill does have barbecue, but Chinese style; and, in general, awesome Chinese food throughout their vast menu.

The interior is open, airy and bright; the all you eat buffet and grill situated away from the main dining area, so no people crowding near the tables while getting their food. This is a family run establishment and they're all friendly, and attentive to the needs of their guests.
After ordering, condiments and rice are placed on your table. The egg drop soup is light in flavor and taste; the wonton soup's broth is highly seasoned with black pepper and the wontons themselves are out of this world.

We wanted to sample all the appetizers, so ordered the Pu Pu Platter for Two (minimum order); it was all outstanding! No one appetizer outshone the others, they were all done very well in taste, flavor and texture.

The Beef Ho Fun is very similar to Cantonese Chow Fun except the noodles are not as wide. Mongolian Grill did an excellent job on this dish with thinly sliced grilled beef and perfectly cooked noodles.  It all tasted just as yummy when I reheated the leftovers the next day.

The Sizzling 3 Flavor with Vegetables is a House Specialty which contains chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables in a rich, savory brown sauce. It is presented on a very hot cast iron platter; the food sizzling and steaming; absolutely delicious!

Sadly, we have one complaint about Mongolian Grill; they are not in our own area and we have to travel two hours for the opportunity of enjoying their wonderful atmosphere and, most especially, the food.  If you are in Durango and want sumptuous Chinese cuisine, go to Mongolian Grill.

Mary Cokenour

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