Sunday, November 18, 2012

Refurbished Pizza Hut is still just so-so.

Pizza Hut (Store #027498)

265 S. Main
Moab, Utah, 84532

(435) 259-6345


Several months ago a fire caused this Pizza Hut to close its doors and begin renovation.  Before then, we'd tried them several times and each experience was different; sometimes good, sometimes not so much.  Since renovating, we decided to try it out again and see how much had been changed, if anything at all.  While the interior looked much cleaner, the table we were seated at was uneven and rocking; seems the furniture didn't get changed after the fire.

Our waitress, Jaraka, was young and yet dour faced; we cracked a few jokes at her, but no smile, just a "Are you ready to order?"  After giving her our drink order, we began perusing the menu; I ended up ordering the Everyday Meal Deal for $6.99.   From column A, I chose the personal pan pizza with ground beef, red onions and diced tomatoes; from column B I chose the pepperoni rolls.

My husband ordered a hand tossed supreme and a side order of the boneless chicken wings.  He looked at the salad bar, but $3.49 for a one trip plate seemed a little too much to charge for what was offered. After receiving our drinks and meal items I began photographing; and that is when the waitress became much friendlier and smiled now; stopping by our table often to see how everything was, or if we needed anything.

My personal pan pizza was not bad; the crust was just browned, very bread like, but the toppings were good. My husband's pizza was more darkly browned and crisp; he liked the crust and all the toppings.
The boneless chicken wings were an absolute joke; they were buffalo seasoned chicken nuggets. In fact, when I went grocery shopping the next day, I showed my husband a bagged item in the frozen food section with the same photo of the nuggets on the package.

After the fire and renovating, we were looking for a Pizza Hut that had become better; we were disappointed in many aspects - interior, wait staff, and food quality. However, it is a popular chain restaurant in a busy tourist area, so they will probably do well in the long run.

Mary Cokenour

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