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Line Camp Steak House; Another Monticello, Utah Secret.

Line Camp Steak House

7980 Route 191
Monticello, Utah, 84535

Phone: (435) 587-2351


Hidden on Peter's Hill, nine miles north from the town of Monticello, is the entrance to Roughlock RV Park which includes the Line Camp Steak House and Runnin' Iron Inn.  The entrance is found simply by catching sight of the large white sign, and huge wooden fence post gate.  As you travel the unpaved road upward, the scenery around you is of high rock walls and trees of pinon, cedar and oak.  At the parking lot, a road goes off to the left for the RV, camping and cabin area; the restaurant and inn are directly in front of you.

The owners of this hidden location are Bob Musselman and his wife, who were not there the evening we dined in; we were greeted by a lovely lady named Kim, who also doubled as our waitress.   Reservations are preferred, but walk-in are very welcome; we were seated and wished a "Happy Anniversary", since I did mention it was our anniversary dinner when I made the reservation.  There were two other couples dining there; we chatted with the nearby couple and they definitely loved the meal they had just eaten; a good sign.  The interior of the restaurant is Old West and hunting trophies of the local mule deer and elk populations watch over the diners.  There is a small bar area; the restaurant will obtain their Utah state liquor license this month (October 2013).  The tables are beautifully set which, with the interior decor, helps define the cuisine served, "Old West Fine Dining".

We began the meal with the only appetizer offered, Shrimp Cocktail; and since Utah is a landlocked state where fresh seafood is unavailable, I wondered how the shrimp would fare.  Unfortunately, not well, as while they were five large shrimp, they were over chilled and chewy; the cocktail sauce (not house made) was spicy with horseradish and delicious with the lettuce underneath though.  My big suggestion to the owner is forget about this type of appetizer; come up, instead, with a signature dish that represent the Line Camp itself, and the surrounding area.  Salad is part of the meal experience and it was a plateful!  Crisp lettuce topped with green bell pepper, red onion, cucumber, tomato, black olives, croutons and a half of the Line Camp's house made Deviled Eggs which have a nice surprise...a horseradish kick to the taste buds.  We both had the house made Buttermilk Ranch dressing; this dressing is so good, you want to lick the plate after you finish the salad ingredients!

While eating our salads, we were served the Special Line Camp Beans in little brown pots and the Garlic Toast.  The beans are purchased locally, cooked al dente and sit in a broth; nothing special, that is until you pair them with the Garlic Toast.  Thick sliced, similar to Italian bread with garlic, butter and herbs; whether you put the beans on the bread to make an Old West version of English "beans on toast", or just use the bread to soak up the broth; it was a good pairing.

Hubby's main meal was the Filet Mignon wrapped in Bacon; purchased locally the meat was perfectly cooked (medium-rare), so, so tender and generously large for the cut; the bacon was lightly crisped, and had melted into the meat which added even more flavor.  The chef, Sandy, offered sauteed mushrooms which were a nice touch, but the meat was fantastic with or without the mushrooms.

I had the Salmon in an Orange-Maple Glaze with Pecans; the salmon, even though shipped into Utah, was perfectly cooked - flaked perfectly, tender and moist.  The syrup, used to glaze the salmon, was in a small bowl with the salmon over top, so the fish was not saturated and could be easily dipped instead; the pecans gave a crunchy texture and nutty flavor to the syrup.  I have to go on about the syrup though; when I dipped my spoon in to get a taste of it alone, my reaction was, "Oh my, that is wicked!"  This item would be perfect on French toast, ice cream, used to sweeten hot tea, or used to make a hot toddy for a cold winter's night.

Both meals came with Roughlock Potatoes; tender, red skinned potatoes with onions and bacon in a simple sauce...use that garlic toast to sop up every bit!

Overall we were quite happy with our meal and walked out with smiles on our faces and full bellies.  The portions you receive are quite generous and, like other diners, we walked out carrying a small carton with leftovers.  The service was very good, the atmosphere is welcoming and comforting, the food is very good; and you can stay at the Inn in one of the several bedrooms named after "brothel ladies" like The Shady Lady, Miss Kitty or Miss  Bella.

The Line Camp Steak House is perfect for any special occasion dinner, like our anniversary; or even group events such as a holiday party, reunions, wedding receptions or company event.  With the tourist season nearly at an end, the local populace of Monticello would be foolish not to utilize this "best kept secret", right at their own front door, for the holiday party season.

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