Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jimmy's Cookies - Gourmet Cookies and Cookie Dough.

Jimmy's Cookies (GJ Cookies)

20 Atlantic Avenue
Oceanside, New York, 11572

Phone:(844) 446-6332

Website: http://gjcookies.com/

When a company contacts me, or a restaurant owner, and asks, "Please try us out and write a review.", it's with the understanding that I'll write the review whether the outcome is good or bad.  That is simply the way it is; think of it as a test drive and I'll either buy or not, depending on the performance.

Such was the case with Jimmy's Cookies; an email contact, a simple form filled out and next thing I know, a two pound tin of cookies arrives in the mail.  One pound of oatmeal raisin cookies; one pound of chocolate Rugelach ( a Jewish pastry dough cookie), and the test tasting began.  I gave samples to my husband and a friend, of course myself, and waited for opinions.

Oatmeal Raisin

All three of us agreed that the common oatmeal raisin cookie is usually hard, crunchy, overly sweet, raisins dry and we're not fans of this type of cookie.  Jimmy's, however, is moist, chewy, slightly sweet allowing the raisins' own sweetness to fully come out; the raisins were also plump and moist.  We're all three big fans!

Chocolate Rugelach

While I had enjoyed Rugelach when I lived back in New York, I was used to the fruit or fig filled type; I'd never tried a chocolate variety before.  My other two samplers had never eaten Rugelach in any form, so this was a new adventure for all of us.  The cookie part was, not moist, but soft and not overly sweet; the dark chocolate itself was slightly sweet, and went so well with the dough.  My husband is not a fan of dark chocolate and he wanted to keep eating more of these!

Conclusion:  We would definitely buy these cookies, and recommend them to others!!!  They are so much better than those prepackaged varieties you buy in the cookie aisle of the local grocery.

Another facet I like about this product; the cookies contain no chemical preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors,  no hydrogenated oils or trans fats.  Jimmy's uses all natural ingredients; you can pronounce everything on the ingredient listing, and know what it is.  I like this!!!

Dang it, I just looked in the tin, and they're all gone...guess I better order some, and so should you.

Mary Cokenour

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