Saturday, March 5, 2016

Arches Thai is a Must Try in Moab.

Arches Thai

60 N 100 W
Moab, Utah, 84532

Phone:(435) 355-0533


Former owner/operator of Pantele's Deli has opened up a new restaurant in Moab catering to her first love, Thai cuisine.  Let me sum up in a few words how my husband and I feel about the dishes served at Arches Thai, "delicious and amazing!!!"  Now I could simply end my review right here, but let me explain why we find her food to be delicious and amazing.

First, the interior of Arches Thai is a rustic, open setting with loads of room; diners can feel private while surrounded by others.  There is also room to hold parties, or cater to a large group event.  The staff are so friendly and welcoming; anyone walking out not feeling pampered was already set on being a grouch from the getgo.  Water glasses are constantly filled; "How is everything?" and "Can I get you anything else?" are also constant questions; you are not ignored in any way.

We began our Thai journey with two appetizers: Crab Rangoon is made with a thinner wonton wrapper giving it a lighter, crispy texture; the interior is full of luscious cream cheese and shredded crab meat.  Fresh Garden Roll is soft rice paper crammed full of fresh vegetables and served with a smoky Hoisin sauce. 

Crab Rangoon.

Fresh Garden Roll.

With our meals, we received a cup of Veggie Soup; fresh chopped vegetables and tofu in a light broth; so refreshing!

My husband ordered Broccoli with Beef; fresh broccoli sautéed lightly with thin slices of tender, melt in the mouth beef.

My very favorite, and I order it every time whether eat-in or take-out is Pad Se Eew; this is very similar to my favorite Cantonese dish, "Chow Fun"; and this Thai version puts me into food heaven.  Broad noodles, broccoli, carrots sautéed in a sweet soy sauce; chicken was my choice of meat this time; thinly sliced and tender.

Dessert was Tempura Fried Banana with Ice Cream; a banana cut lengthwise, dipped in tempura batter and deep fried to a golden brown, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  Decadence at its best!!!  We are both not fans of the banana in its plain form, but this dessert wows us.

There are three Thai restaurants in Moab now; we already have one favorite (Bangkok House), but Arches Thai has quickly become our other favorite. 

Mary Cokenour


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