Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Birthday Lunch at Bangkok House Too.

Bangkok House Too

59 South Main Street, Suite 8 (Eddie McStiff's Plaza)
Moab, Utah, 84532

Telephone: (435) 355-0168


Hours:  Monday – Saturday 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM, Sunday 5 PM – 10 PM

December 26, 2017 was my 59th birthday, according to my birth certificate that is; but I still feel young at 21.  That is, except, for my joints which are developing osteoarthritis, but thankfully there is Advil and Aspercreme with Lidocaine to help keep the annoying pain away.  I decided I would love to have Thai for my birthday meal, but there are 3 Thai restaurants in Moab that I love and I thought it would be a difficult choice.  Not really as one was closed on Tuesday, 168 Ramen has closed permanently (also owned by Bangkok House Too and some of the recipes will appear on their menu now), so my choice was then easy...Bangkok House Too. 

I messenged the owner, Venus Varunum, to let her know we were coming down to Moab, and she assured me that one of my very favorites would be on hand for my eating pleasure...BBQ Pork Buns.  These are the steamed version of Roast Pork Buns (pastry is baked) which I used to buy, 3 dozen at a time, from Chinese bakeries in New York City and Philadelphia.  They are delectable, 3 come with each order and I begrudgingly let my hubby, Roy, have one; oh yes, I ate the other two and savored every bite.  Oh, we also ordered the Thai dumplings which are, if you've ever gone to a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant, known as Shumai; ate those before I even thought of photographing them and they were purely delish!

Next on the craving list was sushi rolls and we each picked our favorites; Porcupine Rim for me and Superbowl for hubby; we only ate a half of each and took the rest home to have as dinner.

We each ordered a lunch special too, knowing we would only eat a small portion, and take the leftovers home to enjoy as an evening meal; along with the sushi rolls of course.  I chose chicken teriyaki which has a thick and rich delectable sauce over grilled chicken.  Hubby chose Red Curry which is spicy, but you can have the spice anyway you want from mild to Thai Hot.  Lunch specials come with a crispy spring roll, white rice and choice of miso soup or side salad.

We both highly recommend the Thai Iced Coffee and Hot Jasmine Tea to enjoy along with the meals; refreshingly good.

The staff at Bangkok House Too are wonderful, from the servers to sushi master, kitchen staff to manager (Hi Sandy!!!); of course the owner, Venus, is a most lovely woman.  They all make you feel so welcomed, and you're not just a customer, you are a good friend who happened to stop by for a meal.  Thank you all for a most wonderful birthday lunch, and it ended up being one for dinner later on too!

Mary Cokenour

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