Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Six Weeks of Farmers/Vendors Markets (Monticello, UT)

Tis the season, the harvesting season and the Monticello Farmers/Vendors Markets are in full swing once again.  The first market was on Saturday, September 1st, and will repeat for five more Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.  Neither rain, sun nor more rain deterred vendors from selling their wares at Veterans Memorial Park.

Lupe Simpson and husband, Billy featured homemade salsa from her business, Moab Salsa.  With recipes from her grandmother, Lupe uses locally sourced vegetables which helps, not just the local economy, but local farmers as well.  Her salsas are fresh made by fire roasting and peeling tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, and chiles; then mixing in herbs and spices for a tasteful combination.  Heats available are: mild, medium, hot, fire breathing, granny green (green salsa), and Moab sauce (sweet and spicy).  Whether as a dip for chips, topping for beef, chicken, fish or pork, or mixing into a casserole or one pan meal; the freshness of this salsa comes out true!

Small business owners Mandy Hoggard-Woodard and Jennifer Acox have teamed up together to offer the best of PS Petals and Sweet, Tupperware and Kitcheneez.  Mandy’s roses are large, lush, delightfully scented and beautiful; and can be ordered in any color, or a mixture of colors.  Need a special order, just get it to Mandy two weeks before needed, and she can seal the deal.

Jennifer is our local Tupperware distributor and buyers of this product can swear by it.  I’ve got Tupperware that I still use, and it was purchased during the 1980s!  Jennifer has all the newest colors, styles and uses available; order by catalog, or better yet, throw a Tupperware party!  But wait, we’re not done with the kitchen yet; Jennifer also offers products from Kitcheneez.  Cake and bread mixes, seasoning packets for meal creation and much more.  If you can’t get to the market, go to the Kitcheneez website (, place your order, but make sure to put down Jennifer Acox’s name as your distributor when checking out.  Not only will she get credit for your order, but you’ll get a 5% discount!

Jasmine Anenberg, botanist for Canyon Country Discovery Center, featured “Back to School” sale items.  Microscopes for the budding scientist, or botanist like Jasmine; Kids telescopes and spotting scopes for star or wildlife watching; and 3D Chalk Making kits for sidewalk artists.  All items are 50% off, but teachers, simply show your school ID, and get a whopping 60% off!

Last, but definitely not least, Pam’s Jams; Pam Hanson, Operations Director at Canyon Country Discovery Center, is also a home gardener selling freshly harvested veggies, and homemade jams and jellies.  Ain’t nothing better than fresh from the tree or vine!

The Farmers/Vendors Market will be happening for five more weeks; this is a call out to all home based business owners, home gardeners, farmers or vendors in general.  Bring your own tables, tents and chairs, but most of all bring all your wares!

For more information, go to the Market’s Facebook page:

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