Monday, December 31, 2012

Spoil Yourself with Shari's Berries

                                                     Shari's Berries



For my birthday, December 26th, my hubby spoiled me by sending me a full dozen of Shari's Berries Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries.  I've seen the commercials often and wanted to try them, and now was the time.  They are delivered by UPS truck and come in a styrofoam lined box with freezer pack to keep them fresh.  The box itself is beautiful, but the strawberries win the prize for beauty and taste.

Each strawberry was large, red, ripe and delicious.  After biting into one, the juice would dribble down the chin, so have your hand ready to catch it all and yes, you will want to lick it clean.  The chocolate covering is thick, yet delicate, so be ready to catch any pieces that fall.

Besides the strawberries, Shari's website offers chocolate covered cherries and pretzels; cheesecake and cookies (with or without a chocolate coating).  They even have Zoo Animal Cake Pops to light up any child's eyes and taste buds.

Shari's Berries offers specials for every occasion and holiday.  There is a rose bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries that would win any woman's heart on Valentine's Day; or man's if so inclined.  However, something tells me that Roy and I might just be making up any old reason to order from Shari's, and we certainly plan on sampling all the other goodies offered.

Be good to yourself and/or someone special in your life for the New Year of 2013, and order a little something something from Shari's're worth it.

Happy New Year's to All from the Cokenour Family.

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