Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yes, I Do Enjoy Going to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant in Cortez, Colorado that is.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

332 West Main Street
Cortez, Colorado, 81321

(970) 564-8423
(970) 564-8419


Since moving to Utah in 2009, the first Chinese restaurant we discovered as we entered Cortez was Hong Kong; and we still enjoy dining there.  We were just there recently and begged the staff to please open up a second establishment in Monticello.  The menu variety is large and we have never been disappointed in the quality or portions; the staff have always been friendly and attentive.  We usually dine in after having a shopping day in Cortez, and always notice that their take out service is busy.  While there are a few tables, the seating area is mainly booth which are comfy and clean.

There is a separate lunch menu (served 11am to 3pm), again with a large variety, and it includes soup, fried rice, egg roll and the very American fortune cookie.  In case you weren't aware, the fortune cookie is an American invention, but now it goes hand in hand with Chinese cuisine.  The prices vary from $6.55 to $7.55 and you will definitely not walk away hungry; the service is fast also for those with limited time for lunching out.

Now after a day of hiking the North Rim of Canyon de Chelly and visiting the rebuilt Four Corners Monument, we ended up at Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant starving!  We could not decide on appetizers, so ordered the PuPu Platter for Two: egg roll, paper wrapped chicken, bbq spare ribs, beef stick, fried shrimp, fried cheese wonton (filling so creamy!).  Everything was delicious and there was not a crumb left; well, ok, we didn't eat the bone on the spare rib.  My absolute favorite was the beef stick; a thin strip of steak on a wooden skewer; crisply seared edges and melt in your month tender, flavorful beef.  The usual sweet and sour sauce was served, but what we really like is that they put a dollop of Chinese hot mustard in that stuff!

PuPu Platter for Two

Main entrees are two of our favorites; oh lets be honest, everything we've ever had there is on our favorites list. Anyway, from the House Specialties list we ordered "Happy Family" - shrimp, beef, chicken, vegetables in a delectable brown sauce. We also asked for fried rice to go with this dish. Tender slices of beef and chicken; the shrimp has that fresh "scrunch" to them and the vegetables were crisp; oh so good!

From the Noodle section, we ordered "Beef Chow Fun"; not the broad noodle that we became so fond of in east coast Chinese restaurants, but just as yummy. Tender slices of beef, green scallions and those wondrous noodles; this is my idea of comfort food!

I'm giving Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant a huge recommendation to you; in the mood for Chinese cuisine, then give them a try.  You will be thanking me later on.

Mary Cokenour

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