Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shari Rene's "The Studio-Coffee House"

"The Studio-Coffee House"

64 West 200 South
Monticello, Utah, 84535

Phone: (435) 459-9399


Shari Rene' (aka Shari Griffin); a renowned San Juan County artist, formerly from Oregon, loves her art, and loves serving up fresh made coffees, teas, hot chocolates, muffins and bagels to visitors of her newest indulgence shop, "The Studio-Coffee House".  It is so named due to the fact that she also conducts art classes; so the best of both her worlds is offered to customers.

Shari Rene with her employee, Mary are waiting to give you friendly service!

 The building is "country cute" and the interior is "country comfort"; large windows bring in the sunshine; a couch in front of the fireplace speaks of warmth and cozy.  Shari Rene's artwork adorns the walls and table tops; the menus on chalk boards over the kitchen counter.

Now for the most important part, well for me anyway; the food and beverages; as I stated before, the beverages are fresh made, no premixed powders and just add water or milk.  The first is Chai Tea Latte, made from a freshly brewed chai tea and topped off with steamed milk; a dash, alright, a huge dash of cinnamon to top it off.  I nursed this baby, it was so, so delicious!

My friend ordered a hot chocolate with espresso shot; again, chocolate powder cooked with real milk, topped with whipped cream, real liquid chocolate so thick, it cannot be pumped out, but spooned out; and a dash of cocoa powder.  Opinion; my friend was very happy with her choice.

Newest item on the menu are bagels (blueberry, plain and everything); real wood fired bagels (partially baked, shipped in, then Shari Rene finishes them off in the her oven); toasted up perfectly and smeared with cream cheese.  Oh I was in bagel heaven; I haven't had a real, delicious bagel since leaving the East coast, and this did it for me!  I did request that Shari bring in cinnamon raisin (we both had the blueberry), since that is the perfect comfort bagel with cream cheese; in my opinion of course.  Just a suggestion, but I sure do hope she does it.

The Studio-Coffee House just opened in September and the current days of operation are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  However Shari Rene announced that, with the addition of new employees, hours and days will be added on; call the phone number to make sure it's open before you go for your hot beverage fix.  This place is going to be a great boon for locals and visitors alike; but I do hope not so busy that my Chai Tea Latte and bagel with cream cheese are sold out before I can get them.

Mary Cokenour

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