Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thirty-One Bags, A Product Review.


Main Website: http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/

Sue Morrell - Consultant (my area)

Phone: (435) 587-2728

Her Website: https://www.mythirtyone.com/164339?verify=true

The first time I was invited to a Thirty-One party; I wasn't too sure what to expect.  I was used to Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties; I enjoy cooking, these belonged to my genre.  The party was hosted by a friend, so how could I refuse, right?  Sue Morrell was the consultant; she's a sweet lady, very knowledgeable about the products she sells, and passionate about them too.

At this party (I've been to three altogether now), I purchased a "Zip Top Organizing Tote" for my mother; she loves to crochet, so this would be perfect for her.  I was even able to get it engraved with her name on it; that's right, stitched engraving is available.  Besides names, you can get logos which is great for the kids going off to college; the prices depend on what you have engraved, but it's very reasonable.  I ended up purchasing one of these totes for myself, and my current quilting project is at my fingertips; all the pockets around the outside of the tote keeps me well organized!

With my travel blog, I do a lot of driving, hiking and climbing to get to the best sites, and take primo photographs.  I don't have the option of being disorganized or weighed down; so Thirty-One helped me solve these problems easily.  To keep my maps, notepaper and pens together; I purchased the "On a Stroll Bag".  Normally this bag can be used by a mom/dad with a child's stroller; it clips on easily and has pockets galore!  I simply clipped mine to the back of my head rest, it hangs down the back of my seat; when I need a particular map, it's right there where I want it.  Two other items are the "Bring a Bottle Thermal" which keeps a cold bottle of water cold to cool for about three hours.  If I put a frozen bottle of water inside, I'm looking at cold water for about 5 hours.  The "Vary You Backpack Purse" holds everything I need with two huge pockets and several small too.  I have packed up this baby with so much stuff (camera, wallet, snacks, first aid kit, etc) and it still doesn't weigh me down!  The "Bring a Bottle Thermal" has a utility clip which attaches easily to a metal ring on my backpack; leaving my hands free.

Here comes my all time favorite item, the "Fresh Market Thermal"; I was so impressed with this bag that I ended up buying another one.   It packs a lot of packaged items inside; put frozen ones on the bottom, dairy or must-keep-cold- items on the top; zipper it up and the items stay as they should be for hours.  Story: I went to Moab (an hour away) and did a bit of shopping at the local City Market, packed up my bags, but instead of going immediately home, I got delayed.  Anyway, the items were in my bags for about five hours; the frozen was still frozen, the cold items were still cold!!! 

If I'm buying ice cream, that's always a tough one to keep frozen properly; pack a few of those frozen thermal packs in the "Fresh Market Thermal", add the rest of your items inside; the ice cream stays perfect!  The ends of the bag snap onto the side, so if you need more space, simply unsnap and open it up wider.  It folds easily for storage in the trunk of your vehicle, or stack them onto a shelf.

I have to admit, at first I was a little thrown by the prices; but these are quality bags and have withstood my abuse of them well.  Every month there are special deals, and discounted items, so I was able to get other items at a well reduced price.  So, if you're in my area, give Sue Morrell a call and set up a party; if not, go to Thirty-One's website (listed above) and find a consultant in your area.

Mary Cokenour

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