Thursday, February 23, 2017

Valentine's Day at Arches Thai.

Arches Thai

60 North 100 West
Moab, Utah, 84532

Phone: (435) 355-0533


Arches Thai is celebrating the beginning of its second year in Moab; what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day at the same time.  Usually this restaurant is closed on Tuesday, but a special exception was made for the holiday of love.  Love there is for the owner, Bella Prucktrakhul, her friendly staff and, most especially, the wonderful Thai cuisine they serve.  Several more tables and chairs have been added to accommodate the reliable locals, and tourists that wander in; artwork of the area adorns the walls.

Unfortunately, we could not dine for dinner, but enjoyed a delicious lunch; our lovely waitress attempted to teach us a few Thai words.  While my husband picked it up immediately, I miserably failed; but then our soup came and I perked up.  A delicate clear broth filled with wide noodles and chopped vegetables; a great starter before the starters, appetizers I mean.

Samosa is a pastry puff with potato, carrot and seasonings; served with cucumber salad.  Thai Toast has a chicken/veggie spread between slices of bread, deep fried and served with cucumber salad.  Amazing and definitely a must have again!


Thai Toast

Our main entrees were 3 Taste Chicken; battered and fried chicken pieces with 3 taste sauce, vegetables and rice.  The sauce is a mild heat, sweet and savory all at once; a wild threesome in the mouth.

Lo Mein with Beef is always a treat; perfectly cooked noodles, beef slices so tender that they melt in the mouth; steamed veggies and rice.

Now Bella did warn us to not fill up, dessert was coming; we didn't listen of course.  It was all so good, how could we stop!?!  That included dessert, we finished up all of the Almond Coconut Ice Cream and Tempura Banana.  We absolutely LOVE this dessert!!!  Smooth, creamy ice cream matched with a lightly deep fried banana in tempura batter; sweet, crispy, creamy all eaten together. is such a treat.

Being on a tight budget, we saved a while to be able to enjoy this Valentine's Day lunch; it was worth every penny we spent!  So Congratulations to Arches Thai on the beginning on their second year in Moab; and a toast..Thai of course, to many years to come.

Mary Cokenour

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