Sunday, May 7, 2023

How to Make Sun Tea.

With the summer coming, a refreshing drink is always a way to make the day better.  Sun tea is very easy to make, and while you're working hard in the garden, the sun is doing all the work for you, in making this beverage.


How to Make Sun Tea


Get a clear, 2-gallon, glass jar with a sealable lid and wash it thoroughly.  Fill the jar 3/4 of the way up with water (bottled is preferable, but use tap if that’s all you have). Take 10 teas bags (Lipton is ok and regular or decaf depending on what you like), tied together and place inside the jar.

Now, get 8 sprigs (6-8 inches long) of lemon balm, or whatever herb you like such as a type of mint. Rinse the sprigs with water to get off dirt and place inside the jar. Seal the jar and place outside in a sunny spot, let sit for 24 hours. Bring inside and remove the tea bags, herbal sprigs and strain the liquid. Use a ladle to pour tea into a glass, add ice and enjoy.

The lemon balm flavors the tea so wonderfully, you don’t have to add any sugar; it’s so good the way it is.

Mary Cokenour

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