Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slickrock Cafe; catch that Critter.

Slickrock Cafe

5 North Main St. (Route 191)
Moab, Utah 84532

(435)259-8004 FAX: 435-259-8010


Walking into this corner establishment,you first enter the bar area; walking through another set of doors leads you to the dining area. There you are greeted in a friendly, and most welcoming, manner and led to a table or booth. The dining area does have an upstairs area with windows that allow you to watch the passing motorists and pedestrians going through the town of Moab. Music plays in the background, but is low enough to allow easy conversation; the atmosphere is relaxing.

Our server, Lanell, has a bubbly personality, so you couldn't help but want to smile, and chat with her. After bringing out our drink order, we proceeded to order two appetizers: Mozzarella Sticks and Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce; the main order: Mushroom Swiss Burger with fries and Turkey BLT sandwich with onion rings. The food came out in a reasonable rate of time, and not too close together, so you were able to enjoy the appetizer before the main entree.

The Mozzarella Sticks are done up in a tempura like batter, light but crispy; the cheese not too gooey, but not firm either. The marinara sauce served with the sticks is house made, and absolutely delicious. The Chicken Wings are huge; we're talking Fred Flintstone Pterodactyl huge. First baked, then fried; the meat tender and juicy while the skin was almost unnoticeable. Again, the BBQ sauce is house made; a mixture of barbeque sauce with their own hot sauce; the hot sauce is just enough to give you a tingle, but not take away from the flavor of barbeque. We were given ranch dressing on the side, but didn't even need to use it.

The Mushroom Swiss Burger is a 1/2 pound of meat, Swiss cheese with grilled onions and mushrooms; assorted veggies are piled on top; a real two fisted burger. The fries were crispy and golden brown; everything smelled as good as it tasted.

The Turkey BLT came loaded with meat, lettuce, mayo and awesome bacon. The onion rings are done in the same tempura like batter as the mozzarella sticks; lightly crisp and onions soft as to break easily when bitten. As with most places that have turkey sandwiches in this area, the meat itself looked and tasted more like prepackaged cold cuts purchased in the deli area of the supermarket...think Hillshire Farm. I'm not sure if it is convenience or price wise to do this, but I would have preferred to see real roasted turkey breast; just like one gets at the Thanksgiving table. If it can't be made in house, than using "Private Selection" brand oven roasted turkey breast would be a much more suitable product to use, since it looks and tastes like freshly roasted turkey breast.

Basically we had an enjoyable time; and when you can burp and say, "Oooooo", and then giggle, well that says it all, doesn't it? As to going back to the Slickrock Cafe, that's a given; even if it is just to get more of those Mozzarella sticks and Chicken wings; oh, and to try out one of their many salads. The shrimp salad, featuring Tiger Shrimp, sounds really interesting.

Nuff' said, try out the Slickrock Cafe; don't forget to buy one of their t-shirts featuring the Slickrock Critter, and have a great time.

Mary Cokenour

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