Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mountain Oasis is a Comfy Stop in Flagstaff.

Mountain Oasis International Restaurant

11 East Aspen Street
Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001

Phone: (928) 214-9270      

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It was a cold day with light snow when we ended up at Mountain Oasis; a kind of happy accident, since we didn't know what we wanted to eat for lunch.  As we walked from eatery to eatery, reading the menus posted in the windows, we only became more confused on which one to choose.  Then we happened upon Mountain Oasis, spotted "Gyro" on the menu, and knew this was the one.  Upon entering, you are immediately hit with the cozy atmosphere, greeted in a friendly manner, and given time to read the menu and take in all the d├ęcor.  This bistro, as it portrays this term perfectly, is about 14 years old; it reminded us of a favorite bistro in Cortez, CO we like to go to, but on a smaller scale.

Our waitress was named Grace which seemed so perfect for her; she so reminded us of the actress, Bailee Madison who plays Grace on "Good Witch", the TV series.  She was very sweet, but also knowledgeable about the entire menu; we wanted something warm to drink and could tell us all about the various teas.  Now Mountain Oasis serves tea just the way we enjoy it, in huge cups that require two hands to hold them.  I had the Peppermint Tea which was so soothing, while my hubby had the Organic Kukicha Twig which was a stronger, slightly bitter tea perfect for warming the body.

I chose the Pork Lettuce Wraps for an appetizer, since my hubby had never eaten anything like this before.  The sauce is vinegar based and was sweet, spicy, but a mild heat; it made our mouths hum, and it was very difficult not to lick the plate clean.  The pork was tender and the vegetables, especially the lettuce, had that freshly picked from the garden taste.

For our main lunch courses, I went with the Gyro; the meat was juicy with a slight char on the edges, fresh vegetables and a delectable tzatziki sauce; on the side was a cup of the tomato vegetable soup which was very herbal and savory.  Hubby had the Cheesesteak with a perfect blend of peppers, onions, cheese and meat on a warm, crusty roll; pumpkin soup was his choice and it was sweet with a rich, pumpkin flavor.  By the way, all the sauces and soups are house made; no bottled or canned stuff loaded with preservatives; Mountain Oasis is proud of being fresh!

Gyro and Tomato Vegetable Soup

Cheesesteak with Pumpkin Soup.

No matter what time of year it is, if you are looking for cozy and comfort in your dining, and just happen to be in the Flagstaff, Arizona area; definitely check out this little bistro...Mountain Oasis International Restaurant.

Mary Cokenour