Saturday, March 4, 2017

When We Want Sushi, It's Bangkok House Too.

Bangkok House Too
(Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro)

Address: 59 South Main Street, #8 (Eddie McStiff's Plaza)
Moab, Utah, 84532

Phone:(435) 355-0168


Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11:30am to 10pm; Closed Monday

March 2, 2017 we attended the Moab Tourism Expo; during lunch break we walked over to Bangkok House Too.  We only had one hour and we had been reassured that they could accommodate our time crunch...this was no exaggeration!  Bangkok House Too is located in Eddie McStiff's Plaza which puts it in walking distance to the Moab Visitors Center, Arts and Recreation Center, City Office, Library, Post Office.  You get the gist of it, they're in a prime location for those who don't want to drive here, there, and figure out where to have a great meal at the same time.

After being warmly greeted and seated, we ordered hot Jasmine green tea; and served a salad with ginger dressing.  Ginger dressing is a wonderful way to cleanse the palette and be ready for the flavor bursts from Sushi, and any other Asian delicacies ordered.

We ordered two Sushi rolls, Moab Rim Roll and Gotta Be Kiddin Me Roll.  Both were prepared by Sushi chef, James; and he even came to our table to see how we enjoyed it...we did!   "Moab Rim Roll" (hamachi, asparagus, avocado, scallions, masago and sesame seeds with hamachi and jalapenos on top), "Gotta Be Kiddin' Me" Roll (red snapper tempura, avocado, snowcrab topped with crabstick, shrimp and special sauce).

Moab Rim Roll

Gotta Be Kiddin Me Roll

Not done yet, we ordered two lunch specials; Edamame Fried Rice (Wok‐fried rice blended with egg, carrot, pea, edamame, scallion) with Chicken and Teriyaki Beef (served with steamed veggies, teriyaki sauce, and rice); each come with a crispy eggroll and dipping sauce.  We enjoyed it all, especially picking off each other's plates to get a taste of everything.

Edamame Fried Rice with Chicken

Teriyaki Beef

No dessert this time, simply no room; but we did make it back to the Expo with time to spare before the next speaker.

Venus Varunum, owner/operator, is a lovely woman; and she has made sure to have an exceptional staff, and serve up the best in Sushi and Asian cuisine.  Her first restaurant, Bangkok House (located south end of Moab) is being redone, and will reopen on March 9th as "168 Ramen"; an authentic Ramen Noodle House (I'm not talking about that stuff you buy off a supermarket shelf).  There's a possibility it will also offer Dim Sum, and that would certainly be exciting for us!

Mary Cokenour