Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Over Bite is Just Right.

The Over Bite

133 East Center Street

Monticello, UT, 84535

Phone: (435) 777-2749



Here I sit, fingers playing lyrically over the keyboard, thinking about the meal we just had at the newest restaurant in Monticello.  July 20, 2023, The Over Bite made its grand debut on Pioneer Day weekend, and to say they were busy was a huge understatement.  A month later, on a quiet afternoon, the Cokenour duo descended on owners, David and Tracy Carpenter, and head chef, Allea, formerly of Peace Tree CafĂ© fame.

Chef Allea, Owners David and Tracy Carpenter

The building location is where R& F Restaurant and Paca Pantry formerly resided; and David Carpenter, still involved in realty, saw, and purchased, the property as a great opportunity.  Selecting the smallest section of the three units, what estimated as three months of work, turned into nine months.  Then again, is that not the right amount of time for a new born baby to take form?  While ideas are still being bandied about, menu additions or deletions being tweaked, The Over Bite is building up a following.


It is no wonder really, as the atmosphere, staff and, mainly, the foods and beverages, are what many diners crave.  The atmosphere is comfortable, welcoming and inviting; definitely no feelings of stress or of being rushed.  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and do not mind being asked questions about the various menu items.  Ah, but the food and drinks, are they truly that enjoyable?  The answer is a definite, “Yes”, especially when seeking out a simplistic, yet very satisfying taste, experience.  Tourists, especially from foreign nations, enjoy offerings from The Over Bite as they are not heavy, and overly laden down with oil from too much deep frying.  Light and fresh is best!

The meat and poultry products are sliced on premises, no prepackaged cold cuts. Vegetables are also prepared on site, as freshness is a key ingredient to any food menu item.  The bases used to create the out-of-this-world smoothies come from an east coast company, famous for its high-quality ingredients.


Aloha Pineapple Smoothie











Allea, who is also in charge of training the staff, has created specialty sauces such as green chili aioli, horseradish (wonderful on roast beef), and chipotle.  She is also attending a barista training program, so will be whipping up more than regular and blended coffees once the new espresso machine arrives.  Blended coffee?  I do not know about you, but from what Allea described, there is destined, in my future, a chocolate blended coffee soon.  While there are also a variety of soft drinks, The Over Bite has a complete assortment of “Stubborn” brand carbonated beverages.  With flavors such as Black Cherry Tarragon, Agave Vanilla and Pineapple Cream, to name a few, your taste buds will have their minds blown!


Top Sellers from the menu are The Trail Grinder (top), Turkey Avocado Swiss, The Club (my favorite pick) and the Ultimate BLT.  The Club was packed with turkey, ham, Swiss, Cheddar, bacon, lettuce and tomato, in just the right amounts so that not one item overwhelmed the others.  I asked for extra mayonnaise, since I like it messy, personal choice of course.  Sandwiches are made on sliced white or wheat bread, toasted or not; and come with a side of kettle cooked type chips and large pickle wedge.   


Now Roy ordered The Greek, and inhaled it before I could get a decent taste test in.  He did say though that it was almost like eating a Greek gyro, as it was packed with meat, Feta cheese and tzatziki sauce.  We will all just have to take his word on this.  We did have a tug of war going on for my Aloha Pineapple smoothie, but I believe I won, since I developed brain freeze.  The smoothie was luscious, so smooth and full of flavor; it was difficult to put down, and concentrate on the sandwich.



The Over Bite does have a Kid’s Menu.  Allea has been experimenting with baked goods, and her cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies have been a success.  She has, in the works, a “black magic” cake with caramel sauce, but is considering bringing in pastries from other sources as well.  For the winter, the addition of soups and winter themed drinks are being considered.

Other developments in the works are a large screen wall television for the dining area.  By spring of 2024, an adjoining section of the building will be converted into a lounge area.  Imagine it now, coffee drink or smoothie, maybe a cinnamon roll or sandwich, while relaxing on a comfy, cushioned chair and reading your favorite novel, or exploring the internet on laptop or phone.  Sounds nice, does it not?


The Over Bite serves breakfast (great for tourists on the go, and locals too), lunch and dinner; options are dine-in or take-out.  Current hours of operation are Monday – Saturday, 6am to 9pm; Sunday is 8am to 9pm.


When it comes down to the reality of eating; comfort, good service, great food and drink, and walking away feeling deeply satisfied is what it is about.  The Over Bite can help you with all that.

Mary Cokenour