Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shake Shack - Monticello's little secret

The Shake Shack

364 N. Main
Monticello, UT, 84535


The Shake Shack is reminiscent of those old fashioned diners where you can still get a burger, fries with a drink and not leave your wallet empty.  The new owners did a lot of fixing up and while it is not one of the fanciest places, it is open every day (except Sunday).  It's the type of place where you can sit down with friends and/or family, enjoy a good meal or just dessert; not feel rushed out or unwelcome. 

The Shake Shack is small inside with a few booths along the side and back walls, and some old fashioned cast iron tables and chairs in the corners.

The menu is not huge in variety, but that is fine because it gives them the benefit of getting things done right, and tasting good.

It had been a hot day on Wednesday, so we indulged in a large soft serve cone for me, and a pineapple malt for hubby.

I guess I should have asked how large was was huge, and my hubby had to help me eat it.

His medium sized pineapple malt was not just flavored with a pineapple syrup like some places do; it had actual pieces of pineapple in it.

So if you're traveling through Monticello, Utah and have the hungries, or just looking for a cold treat, stop at The Shack Shake. It's right on Main Street, so you can't miss it.

Mary Cokenour


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