Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yoplait Light - To Crunch or Not to Crunch.

Yoplait Light with Granola


Yoplait Light is a blended yogurt which averages 100 calories per serving. While there are many fruit flavored yogurts to choose from, there are also enticing names such as Raspberry Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie. Unfortunately, while you may find bits of fruit in these dessert named yogurts, there won't be any bits of the actual cake or pie. While smooth and creamy in texture, lets be honest, yogurt is boring, so Yoplait decided to make it more interesting.

Yoplait Light with Granola comes in two packs of strawberry, cherry, peach or blueberry. Each serving has two parts to it, the lower plastic cup being the yogurt (fruit blend on the bottom with plain yogurt on top of the cup) and a second plastic cup section containing the granola. Just pour the granola into the yogurt section, mix and enjoy a crunchy mouthful of fruity goodness. The calories do jump from the average 100 to 170-190 per serving, as do the carbs from 14-19 grams to a whopping 35 grams

The prices also take a jump; where you could buy two containers of regular strawberry Yoplait Light from 50 to 99 cents each; adding the granola ups the price from $2.50 a package and maybe more.

My overall opinion is, nice concept Yoplait, but the costs doesn't justify the effect. If you need some crunch in your yogurt, save by buying a package of granola and adding a spoonful or two yourself. Worried about the carbs? Crushed peanuts or some type of nut will give you the crunch you want while keeping the carb count down.

Mary Cokenour