Friday, May 13, 2011

J. Fargo’s – Good Food, Service needs an Upgrade

J. Fargo’s Family Dining and Microbrewery
1209 E. Main Street
Cortez, CO, 81321

(970) 564-0242


Before I get started, I have to say I’ve eaten at J. Fargo’s several times for lunch and dinner, and have experienced the same for both.

When entering J. Fargo’s, the reception podium is ahead of you, and usually unmanned. To the right is the pub area, to the left is the restaurant; and you will see employees walking about; but no one at reception. So you wait, and wait, until someone takes notice of you.

After being seated and reading the menu, you wait for someone to take your drink order; and that is slow in coming, especially if you order coffee; seems they never have any ready. Then you wait for your order; if you ordered an appetizer, soup or salad, don’t be surprised if everything comes at once. If you want a refill on your drink, good luck finding your waiter or waitress; they’re usually hiding in the kitchen.

Now there are televisions on the walls, so you can bide your time with watching one of those, or with conversation; but why you should have to is a big question. Ok, so that’s the big negative for J. Fargo’s.

The food though is very good; the burgers are half pounders which you can design to your own tastes; the sandwiches are stacked; the French fries and onion rings are awesome. Their barbequed brisket or pork sandwiches are to die for; and do try the chili.

Basically, if you have a lot of time on your hands, don’t mind waiting or being ignored, and are just looking for good food, then J. Fargo’s is your place to go. Good thing I have patience, and the seating is comfortable.

Mary Cokenour

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