Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Pizza Snob Does Domino's


2224 E. Main Street
Cortez, CO, 81321

(970) 565-7373


There is only one type of pizza I buy from here and it's the Brooklyn Pizza. The crust is between thin and regular, allowing it to not get too crispy and, therefore, keeping a slice from being folded. It is a large pie, but the slices are cut large, again to allow for folding which is typical of a New York style pizza.

The employees at this Domino's have always been pleasant, and don't mind when I ask them to undercook the pizza by 5 minutes. That way, since I live one hour away, when I put it in the oven, it finishes its cooking process perfectly; otherwise it would be very dry from over cooking. The amount of cheese and sauce is just right; toppings would overpower this pizza only if you requested them to.

It passes the cold and reheated test very well. Cold, the pizza is still moist and flavorful; the crust is soft and isn't dried out. Reheated (350F for 5-7 minutes), the slices come out pretty close to when it was made fresh; the crust still pliable enough to fold.

When you want a pizza to go, whether it's for home or a hotel room, this Domino's in Cortez, CO is the place to call.

Mary Cokenour