Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jimmers Gets Serious with BBQ.

Jimmers Back Country BBQ
                                                                                         439 East Main (across from Burger Boy Drive-In)
                                                                                         Cortez, Colorado, 81321

                                                                                          (970) 516-1227

                                                                                          Website: N/A

Lets get to the gist of it, Jimmers is some of the best barbeque in the Four Corners Area.  Although I have tried the Serious Texas BBQ places in Durango, CO and Farmington, NM; Jimmers has got them beat hands down.

Upon entering Jimmers, there is a short, plain hallway with a beautiful antler chandelier.

As you turn the corner, there is a fireplace that is open on two sides; stuffed wild animals are on the wall in their predatory poses.

The main dining area resembles the great room of a hunting lodge; beautiful tables and benches; again wild animals displayed in their glory.

Towards the rear of the building you will see the kitchen area; off to one side, hanging off the back wall, is the menu written on a large chalkboard. Now if you need to know further information about any of the menu items, don't be shy about asking; the staff at Jimmers are very friendly and helpful.

Hubby and I settled on the "Feast For Two", so we would have a good sampling of the meats, poultry and sides. The pulled pork is tender and not dry; usually my hubby will not eat pulled pork unless it is swimming in bbq sauce, but didn't need it for Jimmers. The brisket was tender, yes there is a trend going on here, juicy and pulled apart easily. The turkey melted in your mouth; I made a sandwich with the soft bread and a little bbq sauce and was in heaven. Sides: Baked Potato Salad; chunks of baked potato in a sour cream, chive and bacon mixture...yum nummy! Cheesy Potatoes; diced, roasted potatoes with melted cheddar cheese throughout...very comforting! Baked Beans; beans and shredded beef brisket in a smooth sauce...very satisfying!

There are three types of bbq sauce: Original - mild heat, slightly sweet with a full bbq flavor.  Smoke - mild heat, but more sweetness than original and a slight tang.  Spicy - medium to hot in heat, slightly sweet, a slow burn develops overall in the mouth.  We stuck with the Original and Smoke as we felt these enhanced the smoked meats and turkey, while the Spicy hid their flavors completely.

When it comes to BBQ in the Four Corners Area; Jimmers Back Country BBQ is our new Mecca...try it when you're in Cortez, Colorado and hankering for really great BBQ.

Mary Cokenour

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