Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paca Pantry - Alpaca Products and Unique Gifts.

Located on the corner of East Center Street and 100 East is a small, red colored building sharing the parking lot of the R & F Restaurant. The proprietor of Paca Pantry is Dorothy Pipkin-Padilla; owner of “Peter Springs Alpaca Ranch”, north of Monticello, on Route 191.  The concept is to offer locals and visitors the opportunity to purchase all that is Alpaca; and a whole lot more.  Come on inside and take a look at the multitude of items this little shop offers. 


Let’s start with the Alpaca itself, a domesticated species of South American camelid; with a slight resemblance to a small llama in appearance.  After shearing, their wool can be spun into thread for weaving of rugs, socks, shawls, hats, shoe inserts, even the warmest of gloves.  The spun wool is extremely soft, so can be worn by those with the most sensitive of skin.  Want to feel baby soft after a shower, use the loofah pouch your soap can be contained within.  All of these items are available for purchase at the Pantry; even skeins of wool for your own knitting, crocheting or weaving pleasures. 


Dorothy’s other business venture, “Wild Mountain Meats”, is also available for sale; Alpaca ribs, steaks, chops, ground and sausage.  Extremely lean and healthy, the meat has a mild sweetness to it; and needs to be cooked quickly due to the low fat content.  No clue on how to use the meat?  Don’t worry, Dorothy will happily provide you with recipes, like “Cheese Filled Burgers”, “Sweet and Sour Meatballs” and “Shepherd’s Pie”; along with cooking tips.


But wait, there’s more!  Consider Paca Pantry for that special and/or unique gift for any celebration.   Displays of various local artisans adorn the walls and counters throughout the shop.  Melinda Redd Photography and Fine Jewelry; Tony Wojcik Glazed Pottery; Roy Cokenour Digitally Painted Prints; and the always popular Thirty-One Bags with Sue Morrell as your ever perky and vigilant consultant.

Melinda Redd Fine Jewelry

Melinda Redd Photography

Roy Cokenour Digital Paintings
Roy Cokenour Digital Paintings

Tony Wojcik Pottery; Thirty-One Bags

Other assortments of handmade articles for purchase are crocheted hats, vests, gloves for looking stylish; afghans for keeping warm and cozy on chilly winter nights.  African Market hand woven baskets for adorning the home; purses to carry all your on-the-go needs.  There are even items for the adventurer in you; hunting knives, haversacks and old time lanterns.  Wow, I better get my photographs framed up quickly for sale at the Paca Pantry; I’m missing out!

Currently the hours are Monday thru Sunday, 12 to 6pm, as available; but give Dorothy a call at (435) 419-0750 and she’ll make sure she’s there for your buying needs, even that last second, “I need a gift now!”  Paca Pantry – Alpaca and More; how can you go wrong!?!

Mary Cokenour