Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Wonderful Buffet.

Wonderful Buffet

525 E. Broadway Avenue
Farmington, New Mexico, 87401


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Recently a new Asian cuisine buffet opened up in the Farmington, New Mexico area.  Cheerfully greeted by the hostess, you are lead to a table or booth and you immediately notice how open, airy and bright the interior of this restaurant is.

In the front dining area, the buffet consists of hot and cold salad items, including kimchi and steamed shrimp. Keep following this section around to the sushi items and eventually a dessert bar with fruits, cookies, cakes and ice cream.
The sushi items alone go as quickly as they are plated.

The inner dining area consists of the main buffet area; hot foods consist of a mixture of Asian specialities, as well as some American favorites such as roast beef and pizza. The beef, pork, seafood and chicken items were tender, bite sized pieces and the vegetables still retained their crispness, even under the heat lamps.

When you begin your trek down the buffet line, the beginning offers a hibachi area with fresh vegetables to choose from, as well as slices of beef, pork and chicken; and several items from the sea. The grill is hot and ready for your order to be cooked up in front of you by the grill master.
Save a bit of room on your plate for at the end of the line is the fried food area containing crispy wontons filled with cream cheese, spring rolls, and for those die hard must have American food diners, french fries and chicken fingers. There is also a soup station featuring egg drop or hot and sour soups.

The manager, Ken, is an extremely friendly and personable gentleman.  He takes great pride in this new restaurant, and it shows in his smile and in his answers to any questions you may have about the food items.   Wonderful Buffet offers party trays for holidays or any special occasion.  The buffets offered are lunch, dinner or weekend/holiday; there is also special pricing for "buffet to go" containers for those wanting take out.

If you are in the Farmington, New Mexico area, wanting something to eat, but can't decide on what; try out Wonderful Buffet and see if they can't satisfy those hunger pains.

Mary Cokenour 

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