Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coffeebark is Energizing Sweetness.


332 Summit Avenue
Center City, MN

(651) 335-0189

Website: http://www.coffeebark.com/index.html

While on Facebook, an advertisement came up on the sidebar for Coffeebark and I was curious. I clicked on the page and was presented with details about a candy which contained three classic food groups, ok, flavors: chocolate, toffee and coffee. Now I was even more curious and I tried ordering a sample through the link available. I know it was me, but I had some difficulty getting the ordering done through Facebook, so I went to Coffeebark's homepage instead.

Besides the sample size, you can also order 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb or bulk sizes of the regular or decaf. I decided to order the "Why Not" or 1/4 lb bags of both; wanted to give it a good try and let others take a nibble too.

After opening my Priority Mail box, I put the packages to my face and inhaled; oh my, the coffee scent was enticing. Opening the packages, the scent becomes more intense, sort of like when you open that vacuum sealed package of fresh, roasted coffee and get that first whiff.   The crushed coffee layer on the decaf is slightly lighter in color and less bitter than the regular, but that is where the differences ends.  The toffee is nicely sweet and balances with the bitterness of the coffee; the chocolate keeps the layers together.  Actually the chocolate gets a bit lost between the flavors of the toffee and coffee, but as you're eating the candy, you simply don't care.

Here's the warning, if strong coffee effects you, eat the regular Coffeebark sparingly, or stick to the decaf.  I did get a slight headache after eating the regular Coffeebark, but I knew I would, since that happens when I eat regular chocolate covered coffee beans.   That's the breaks when trying out products, but I've no regrets on this one.

Basically, if you enjoy coffee or just want to try a new type of candy treat, then go to Coffeebark's website and order a sample; you'll be back for more.

Mary Cokenour