Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Potato Chips? Sweet!

Green Giant Multigrain Chips


Green Giant, that big green guy who sells us loads and loads of vegetables, has decided to expand his industry to snacks. Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips is the newest item out on the market, and I have to tell you that it tastes good! I like crunchy foods and to find a sweet potato chip that has a ton of flavor and crunch is perfect for me. I've tried many brands of sweet potato chips, mostly they are either extremely bland or over seasoned. I've even tried sweet potato tortilla chips, but they ended up being simply tortilla chips with flavoring and no real vegetable mixed in.

These Green Giant Chips are different, real sweet potatoes is the third item on the ingredient list; we all know that the higher up on the ingredient list, more of the item is actually in the mixture. The whole grains are corn, rice, brown rice and buckwheat flours; while the oil used in sunflower and the flavoring agent is natural sea salt. The nutritional facts are: NO cholesterol, 6 grams of fat, 80 milligrams of sodium and 19 grams of carbs for a serving size of one ounce (about 18 chips). The average size of a chip is about one inch wide by two inches long; you can eat 18 of these...not too shabby!!!

Now my one big problem is going to be, will the supermarket keep these chips in stock; and will they be bringing in the other flavors to try???  If you're looking for a healthier snacking chip, give these Green Giant Multigrain Chips a try; just make sure to leave some in the store for me to purchase.

Mary Cokenour