Saturday, January 15, 2011

...and so the adventure into blogging begins.

Yesterday, I finally saw a movie, "Julie and Julia", that I've been wanting to see for a long while.  I was impressed by the story itself, the characters, and it moved me to start a blog of my own.  I've never kept a diary, didn't really see a point to it.  My life was not the happiest as I grew up, so why would I want to read about it, and relive those heartbreaking days.  Unfortunately, I have a minor type of autobiographical memory, and all the traumas from childhood into adulthood keep bursting in on my mind, whether I wanted them to or not.

So, with this blog, I'm hoping to recreate memories that mean more to me than those lousy ones.  Maybe I'll finally be able to suppress those bad memories to the point that they will stop inflicting themselves upon me.  Above all else, I believe that my life with my husband, Roy, will be the biggest inspiration overall.  He has been my rock, my soulmate, my everything, since we first met in December of 2003.  Before then, we had been conversing via email, IMs and on the phone since September 2003.  We met on a Dungeons and Dragons gaming site, found we had much in common, besides roleplaying, and just kept getting closer and closer till we finally had to meet. 

Roy arrived in Pennsylvania, where I was living then, at the bus station in Harrisburg.  At first sight, we hugged, and hugged, and hugged, and we didn't want to let go.  We had discovered that we had a deep empathy between us, and knew this was it...this first physical meeting was the beginning of forever for us.

Throughout the years, we have supported each other in all ways...spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially.  Together we made life one big adventure for us.  After we were both laid off in 2008, we made the decision to sell the house I owned, and move to Utah.  Originally we had hoped to buy a home in Moab, but the prices were ridiculous for the real estate market at the time.  We ended up with a fixer-upper in Monticello, and while it wasn't our dream home, we made it our own in so many ways. 

We'd been together since 2003, and finally decided to tie the knot in 2010, so on October 8th, we legally became husband and wife.  Surprisingly, we didn't feel different at all.  We'd always considered that we were married to each other, conducted ourselves as a married couple; friends even stated that we were more married to each other than any married couple they knew.  Guess you could say we did it just to make the lovers of legal documents and red tape happy.  We loved, and were in love with, each other, and didn't care what anyone else thought about our arrangement.  But being legally married sure did make getting insurance easier.

So, where will I be going with this blog, no idea, and I'm just looking at it as a new adventure.

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