Monday, February 16, 2015

A Belated Thank You to a Fine Houston, Texas Gentleman.

Back in September 2014, I met a man passing through town that needed directions; not a problem for me and I happily gave him the information he needed. We struck up a conversation about the area and, per usual, food and restaurants came up. I lamented on how, when I had moved here, I was under the illusion that barbecue and smoked meats would be the norm, not the holy grail. How I had learned the techniques myself, owned two smokers, but time was not always on my side when in the mood for this most excellent type of food.

He then halted the conversation with a, "I'll be right back", went to his vehicle and began rooting around inside. He then returned with a plastic bag, handed it to me, and said, "This is for you." Inside was an approximately two pound beef brisket; he explained that it should be wrapped in foil and cooked for two to three hours at 200 to 225 degrees.  I was in shock and, at first, reluctant to take this man's food from him; he was going camping and hunting and this was one of his provisions.  He insisted, explaining how nice and helpful I had been; and he wanted to share something with me that he knew I would enjoy.

Since my hubby would be home for dinner that night; of course I was going to prepare this treat for us.  Wrapped in foil, oven preheated; it was the waiting that would be the worst.  Roy arrived home just as I had finished preparing red skinned mashed potatoes, a vegetable medley and the brisket.  The aromas wafting throughout the home were intoxicating!

The brisket had an evident smoke ring around it; you could taste the smokiness and I don't know what he used in his rub, but it was awesomely flavored!  It was very tender and melted in the mouth as we chewed; talk about food heaven!  As much as we wanted to eat the entire brisket in one seating, we did save enough for one more wonderful meal.

I allowed so many things to get in the way of my writing this blog post immediately, and I apologize deeply for the lateness of this thank you.  THANK YOU Travis Staudt (hope I spelled your name correctly) of Houston, Texas for your own kindness, and this generous gift you gave to my hubby and myself.  You are a fine gentleman, and this gesture will not be forgotten.

Mary Cokenour

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