Monday, May 30, 2016

Fired Up About Fired Up Pizzeria.

Fired Up Pizzeria

741 Main Avenue
Durango, Colorado, 81301

Phone: (970) 247-0264



The best way I can give a good assessment of Fired Up Pizzeria is by posting their "Mission and Vision Statement" which is located on the homepage of their website.

"Fired Up Pizzeria is dedicated to the ingredients, quality and traditional methods of producing authentic Neapolitan pizza. Our pizzas are created with handmade dough, fresh mozzarella, and hand crushed tomato sauce. We focus on using high quality imported and local ingredients needed to produce a great pizza and support a great community. We do this with the conviction that when you pour your heart and soul into what you love, excellence can be achieved. Come and enjoy."

Entering Fired Up, expect to be warmly greeted; seating available is indoor and outdoor, but if you want to watch the pizza chef at work, pick indoor - front.  The menu lists appetizers, salads, artisan sandwiches, "build your own" pizza, specialty pizza, desserts, drinks, alcoholic drinks, and a kid's menu.  After ordering, we watched the pizza chef and he let me take photos of him, and a pepperoni pizza fresh out of the wood burning oven.

We ordered two "build your own", an 8-inch Margherita with meatballs and a 12-inch Margherita with Kalamata olives, red onions, red bell peppers and diced tomatoes.  Within 20 minutes we were chowing down on deliciously scented and tasting, crispy pizzas; NO!  there was not one slice left over.  Surprisingly, we were not overstuffed and decided to try one of the desserts...cannoli.

8 inch Meatball

12 inch Olives, Red Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Diced Tomatoes

Crispy Crust!

The Cannoli were two waffle cookies, known as Pizzelle, rolled and filled with a lemon zested mascarpone cheese, vanilla glaze drizzled over top.  Talk about dying and going to dessert heaven; the lemon, vanilla and mascarpone worked perfectly together; and to our surprise, was not overly sweet.  The Pizzelle were light and crisp; skip the spoon, use the fingers and give yourself a great excuse to lick them clean.

Fired Up Pizzeria is definitely the place to go when in the mood for pizza and cannoli; then again, it's a great excuse to go back and try the sandwiches and salads too.

Mary Cokenour


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