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Eddie McStiff's

Eddie McStiff's
57 S Main (Eddie McStiff's Plaza)
Moab, Utah, 84532

(435) 259-2337


Eddie McStiff's is located on the main street (Rte 191) of Moab at the rear of their own named plaza. Outside the restaurant is patio seating where one can enjoy drinks, meals and a view of the Red Rocks in the distance. Inside, the restaurant is divided into various areas where the lighting is neither too dark, nor too bright, but just right as Goldilocks would say. We went at a time when it was not too busy, so were able to seat ourselves; when busy, a hostess will seat you.

Our waitress, Natalin, was very friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable about the food items and drinks. The menus for food and drink are not overly large, and that is a good thing, so the staff can concentrate on putting out quality, not quantity.

Eddie McStiff's is a microbrewery, so have a selection of their own brewed products: Rock Amber and Canyon Cream Ales, Raspberry, Blueberry and Pure Desert Wheats. Roy had a Rock Amber Ale which he stated was medium bodied, smooth, slight flowery aftertaste, and slightly hoppy.

To start off our meal, first Brew City Onion Rings - light and cripsy batter; the onions soft, so when you took a bite, the whole onion didn't come out and leave you with a hollow shell; very tasty and served with ranch dressing.

Jumbo Buffalo Hot Wings - these are traditional Buffalo Wings, and when they say hot, they mean spicy hot. Served with bleu cheese dressing (ranch if you ask for it) and celery sticks. They are large, juicy; the skin is not overly mushy, nor overly crisp - Roy described them as "medium crispy".

Main Entrees - Roy had the Philly Cheese Steak which consisted of a toasted roll with provolone cheese, sauteed peppers and onions, and piled high with thinly sliced prime rib. Roy could taste every item separately, and also how they worked together - it was a great team effort too.

I had the McFish-n-Chips: beer battered tempura cod. Now I've had fish and chips at many places, and you usually get 2 pieces about 3 inches large, or one large piece about 6 inches long. I swear, I think I got a school of cod on my plate- 3 overwhelming pieces which hung off the plate that I had to take some home, and that's even after Roy tried some of it.
The tempura batter was crispy, and tasted clean;no oily taste. The cole slaw side was creamy and went perfect with the cod;tartar sauce was the condiment, but I didn't even need it.

We both had the french fries which were skin on potatoes, cripsy, and fluffy on the inside.

Now we've been to Eddie McStiff's many times, and only been disappointed with one item on the menu - the mixed greens salads; or what you would find in the produce department as "mixed spring salad". It's a combination of baby lettuces and other baby leafy vegetables which we find to be either bitter and/or tasteless; and adding dressing makes the leaves more soggy. Now if the mixed greens were added to a crispier lettuce, such as Romaine and/or Iceberg; then there would be a good assembly of tastes and textures. Dressings would enhance, not sog up, the salad itself.

Overall, if you're visiting, or even live near or around, Moab; try out Eddie McStiff's. You won't be sorry.

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