Friday, September 9, 2011

I Ache too much to Cook something from Scratch.

Way back in May 2011, I wrote a blog post about Monticello, Utah and how it needed to spruce itself up, and get more business in town. It was even reprinted in the local San Juan Record, and while I expected some sort of response to my opinionated post, no one wrote a pro or con about it. Well someone must have been paying attention because tomorrow is a cleanup campaign for Monticello, and the theme is "Neighbor Helping Neighbor" where, not only should we spruce up our own properties, but help those who can't do it on there own.

I decided to get a head start on the property; a section of the front yard had all kinds of loose wood and gardening supplies piled around. I stacked the wood by the garden shed, just a small pile for our fire pit, but it shouldn't be on the front lawn. I have an herbal garden by the dining room window, so finally finished off the rock wall I had started to build around it. I piled up bags of red mulch and large rocks I had collected from the canyon areas to complete the garden area on the living room side of the house. Did a bit of weeding too, but now I'm too pooped to pop.

Dinner? I really don't want to do anything really, but something needs to be made. I should have started something earlier, before all the manual labor, but it was a spur of the moment thing, so didn't really give it much thought. Ok, so I'm gonna go into "make it quick" emergency mode. I've got packaged noodles, imitation crab meat and frozen peas....crab alfredo!!!

Basically, I took one package of Knorr Alfredo noodles and made them according to package directions. I added 8 oz. of imitation crab meat, broken apart and one cup of thawed frozen peas; mixed it all together; covered and let it all cook together for about 5 minutes just to let the crab and peas warm up. It makes four servings and considering all the make shift ingredients, tastes pretty darn good.

I make meals from scratch as a rule, but even I break my own rules. Now it's time for some Advil and much deserved sleep. Night all.

Mary Cokenour

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