Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Olde Tymer should be Dead and Buried...Deeply.

Olde Tymer Restaurant

733 S Main St
Blanding, UT 84511

(435) 678-2122

Website: N/A

I need to open this review with a warning to all diners: DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT, NO MATTER HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE, IF YOU VALUE YOUR TASTE BUDS AND CASH.

We arrived around 5pm, dinner hour; the parking lot only had one vehicle in it and there was only one booth with diners in it. This should have been a sign of what was to come, but we didn't bother to read it. This was the first day for our waitress, Tori, and she was very untrained. Instead of asking for our drink order, we were asked, "You guys know what you want to eat?" Yes, after we read the menu, thank you, but until then, a rootbeer and unsweetened iced tea would be nice...only the first refill is free, after that you pay for any additional refills.

The dinner menu is small, but has an assortment of ribs, steak, chicken and Mexican entrees; not all dinners come with a salad, so if you want the soup/salad bar, it is an additional $3.99 for one trip of either soup or salad.
The soup/salad bar has a choice of two soups (made from a powdered mix and very watered down) and a minuscule salad selection of 7 items, 3 dressings and the lettuce. For $3.99, better pile up the items high to get your money's worth.

For an appetizer, we chose the Blooming Onion which became the most decent part of the entire dining experience.  The batter was crispy, but the onion itself could have been a little more cooked and it was served with ranch dressing.

The main meals were a total disaster.

The Full Rack of Ribs was described as succulent and fall off the bone good, but that was a complete misrepresentation.  The ribs were in a pepper rub that was so spicy, one bite and my mouth was on fire; they were very dry and it was a bit of a struggle to pull one off the bone.  The oven roasted potatoes were boiled potatoes dipped in oil and the fresh vegetable, corn, was from a can.  I sent the ribs back and was given two choices:  the cook would wash off the rub, reheat them and I would be charged half price; or pay for the meal with no discount.  Management policy: you pay for the meal whether you ate it or not, no discounts if you don't like the food...period.  I refused to eat it, so was made to pay full price for an inedible meal.

My husband ordered the 12 oz Ribeye which was mealy, mushy and tasteless; obviously frozen for a long time before being finally cooked.  The mashed potatoes were from a box and so thick, actual slices could be cut with a knife; the gravy was from a powdered mix; again, canned corn for the supposedly fresh vegetable.

Gordon Ramsay and Robert Irvine together could not save this restaurant.  The Olde Tymer needs to be put down, so diners don't have to go through the misery of eating here.

Mary Cokenour

UPDATE: This restaurant closed in November 2011 and was taken over by Fattboyz Grillin. The sign outside the building needs to be changed, but it is now Fattboyz Grillin.

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  1. This place would make anyone cry. The food is far from delicious and anyone eating here is not picky about what they eat. Great review!