Thursday, May 9, 2013

Draper Towing and Repair (A Non-Food Related Review)

Draper Towing and Repair

217 North Main Street
Monticello, Utah, 84535

(435) 587-2788

(435)459-4801 (Cell)

In June of 2010, Steve Draper opened up the newest automotive business in Monticello, Utah; bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the industry.   Word of mouth is spreading the knowledge of Steve’s friendly and professional manner; and I’m here to help spread that word. 

My husband’s SUV needed a new gas filter which was enclosed inside the tank itself.  Not only did Steve take the vehicle immediately, but he quoted us a price better than another repair shop had, and had the work done by the next day.  Later on an unrelated issue developed with the SUV; Steve kept the vehicle for several days, testing it at different times each day, but the problem refused to show itself again.   Steve did not take guesses at what the problem might be, nor did he fix parts unnecessarily; he honestly told us that until it occurred again, there was nothing he could do.  While traveling through Colorado, the vehicle stalled out and another mechanic found that the computer had finally given out…what do you expect from a 1998 used vehicle.  All we knew was that Steve had been very honest about the assessment, and we were going to keep using his business.

Recently I took my car in for its yearly inspection and it only took 20 minutes.  Another automotive business I had been using usually kept my car for an entire day!  While I was waiting, I saw Steve interact with other customers; he was naturally friendly, polite and helpful.  If he could not accommodate someone, he would call another business to see if they could help the customer.  Another facet I like about Draper’s is that the atmosphere is positive; being unfamiliar with the workings of an automobile, I’m not made to feel like an idiot.   Steve Draper should run a class on how to truly operate an automotive towing and repair business.

If you’re a resident of Monticello, Utah; or a traveler with auto issues; make sure to keep Draper’s numbers handy.  Thanks Steve for being a true professional and proud of what you do.

Mary Cokenour


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