Monday, December 14, 2015

From Farm to Table; the Freshness at The Farm Bistro.

The Farm Bistro

34 West Main Street
Cortez, Colorado, 81321

Phone: (970) 565-3834


Hours: Mon thru Fri, 11am to 5pm; Closed Sat and Sun

 On The Farm Bistro's website, this is how they describe the restaurant's concept, "Since 2009 we’ve been serving the best produce and meat from right here in Montezuma County. Award winning burgers, salads and sandwiches highlight our menus. Our “comfort food with style” offers homemade simplicity with great flavors in a warm and lively atmosphere."

Guess what?  It's all true!!!  I'd heard about this restaurant from several friends and was finally able to get there myself.  Once you enter, you are hit with the most awesome scents of herbs and food; and herbs are definitely a featured décor throughout, including on the table tops.  There is a Welcome stand instructing diners how to order from the menus situated in a basket on top.  This is a great way to find the table you want, peruse the menu and get comfy before ordering; looking confused, a staff member will gladly help you.

There is a lounge area in the back of the restaurant with a fireplace; what a lovely place to sip on tea or coffee and just relax!


After ordering and collecting our drinks (I was there with a friend), we received a gold colored candle stick as the "designated number" for our table.  What a unique idea!  Instead of a stark number, the markers simply match the warm, rustic décor of the restaurant.

I had the Turkey Pita (turkey breast, Swiss cheese, red onions, radish sprouts, lettuce and avocado aioli); slices of real roasted turkey, freshly shredded Swiss cheese and the veggies....a fresh clean taste as if they just came in from the garden!  The tortilla chips were warm and tasted as if they had just been made.

My friend had the Harissa Grilled Chicken Sandwich (grilled chicken breast, harrisa (slightly spicy) sauce, lettuce, onion, pickles and melted Swiss cheese); a plump chicken breast, those fresh tasting veggies; and she had the French fries on the side and they tasted like my own homemade ones!

Impressed?  We were both blown away by the décor, the staff, the food and the overall uniqueness of The Farm Bistro.  Price wise, for the amount of food you receive, and knowing how fresh it all is, it is extremely reasonable.  We both have gone to worse places that were pretentious, overpriced, and had lousy food; The Farm Bistro would put them out of business in a New York minute!

If in the Cortez, Colorado area and looking for a great meal; definitely put The Farm Bistro as a to-go place.

Mary Cokenour


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