Friday, April 29, 2016

Asian Delights at Bangkok House Too.

Bangkok House Too

59 S. Main St., Suite  8 (Eddie McStiff Plaza)
Moab, Utah, 84532

Phone: (435) 355-0168


Hours of Operation: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm Monday thru Sunday

Owner/Operator of Bangkok House (located at the southern end of Grand County along Highway 191), Venus Varunum, has had such a huge success with her first restaurant, that she took a brave step in opening her second.  Bangkok House Too is located inside the main section of Moab, at Eddie McStiff Plaza, next to the brewery/restaurant itself.  Now at first we thought, won't the crowd be more enticed by the idea of drinking at a brewery, and bypass Bangkok House Too?  Truthfully, while we dined, we saw many begin a journey to Eddie McStiff's and then beeline to this newest addition of Thai restaurants in town.  Smart move on their part, and for their taste buds.  This version of Bangkok House is on a smaller, more cozy scale with lots of lighting, and tables spaced apart for more privacy.

Venus brought over some of her seasoned staff, including Sushi Master Chef, Chanchai Srisamer.  Skilled with the tools of his trade, he creates masterpieces of edible art.  Two examples we devoured were "Gotta Be Kiddin' Me" Roll (red snapper tempura, avocado, snowcrab topped with crabstick, shrimp and special sauce) and "Porcupine Rim" Roll (shrimp tempura topped with krab salad and masago).  Anyone, anyone who enjoys sushi, sashimi and specialty sushi rolls is an idiot for not going to either Bangkok House; theirs is perfection!

"Gotta Be Kiddin' Me" Roll

"Porcupine Rim" Roll

Lunch specials are offered on a daily basis, all come with choice of soup or salad, and an appetizer (Japanese Bento Box also comes with half a sushi roll).  We chose the salad with ginger dressing; crisp lettuce and carrot strips with the most delectable ginger dressing.  A great accompaniment with any Asian meal is a mug of hot Jasmine tea; soothing and refreshing.  Appetizers?  What do you think those wonderful Sushi rolls were!  From experience though, appetizers such as pot stickers, crispy spring rolls, steamed edamane, crab Rangoon and many more have always been a delicious beginning.

Main meals consisted of Green Curry loaded with tender, sliced chicken, red bell pepper strips, bamboo shoots, zucchini and Thai herbs; medium heat slowly flowing down the throat and bringing a smile of satisfaction to the face.  A Japanese Bento Box of Salmon Teriyaki (rich, thick sauce over flaky, perfectly cooked salmon fillet), half Shrimp Tempura Roll (always a favorite!), rice and fried pot sticker.

Green Curry Lunch Special

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box

Somehow we managed a dessert, light and refreshing slices of juicy mango with sweet sticky rice.

We left full, comfortable and happy, just as it should be when a great meal has been finished. Watching the other diners, I believe they were feeling the same.  Good luck to Venus and the new Bangkok House Too!

Mary Cokenour

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