Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Monticello Farmers/Vendors Market is Back in Action.

Canning and jamming, baking and mixing, crafting and cooking; the Monticello Farmers/Vendors Market was back in action on Saturday, August 3rd.  What better way for home based entrepreneurs, or new businesses, to show off their wares than at the market?  What better way for consumers to get freshly made food products, or handmade crafts, than at the market?

While only three vendors were at Veterans Memorial Park, it is not unusual for a slow start.  Once word gets around though, and photos are shared on Facebook, that is when folks begin coming round.  More stands begin opening, and at only $10 a spot, that is a bargain right there.  August and September are the months the market is open, every Saturday, from 8am to 12pm.  As the weeks progress, the abundance of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, hand crafted items and more offer up numerous selections to locals and visitors.

Let’s meet the first wave of vendors.  First there is Backyard Gold, a three generation, home based business managed by Pam Hanson, her daughter Emily Clarke, and granddaughter Adeline.  While Pam is the breakfast burrito and baked bread maker, it is Adeline who is the product inspector.  She will make sure to pick out the perfect selection for the buyer.  Emily is the spice mixologist and rose water creator.  All three ladies will be expanding their offerings soon with keto and gluten free, spice mixes, honey and a variety of canned products and baked goods. 

 Pam Hanson is also in charge of the market, so if interested in becoming a vendor yourself, call her at: (435) 459-9789; or message her on the Monticello Farmers/Vendors Market on Facebook at:

Next to buy from is Thea Langston, who will tell you proudly about her homemade, no preservatives ever, jams, jellies, breads, rolls, cinnamon buns and pickles.  Her wild raspberry jam has a perfect consistency that smoothly slathers; that’s right, I like to slather it on, no smears for me!  Oh sorry, went on a side rail there; back to slathering onto that lovely baked bread from Backyard Gold.   Next time I plan on trying Thea’s bread as I am an equal opportunity carb consumer.  I did purchase one of Thea’s banana breads with streusel topping; each slice a comforting, hug-me moment.

Third, and certainly never the least, is Montezuma Canyon Ranch and Vineyards, owned by Dixie Brunson and Jude Huber, and Chris and Shelia Honecker.  Met these two when taking a short class on the “Cottage Industry” given by USU; nice people!  Their offerings for the market are, again, homemade jams, jellies, pie filling, baked goods, pickled eggs and veggies.  Previously they had sold their cherries, or cherry baked goods, at Anasazi Realty, and I missed out; not this time.  A jar of cherry jam was my score!  Hand knitted items of pot holders, dish towels, and scarves are available too; lovely to look at, so buy some to hold.

Alright all you home vegetable gardeners, get those extra crops picked and be at the market on Saturdays.  This home cook is looking for plump tomatoes and huge onions; how else am I going to make pasta sauce!?!  But seriously folks, do not let the abundance of gardens and orchards go to waste, sell them to those who want to buy; same for all those craft artisans.

Monticello Farmers/Vendors Market; every Saturday in August and September; Veterans Memorial Park, 8am to 12pm…be there!

Mary Cokenour

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