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Spanish Valley’s Hidden Cuisine.

Hidden Cuisine

2740 South Highway 191 (1/4 mile from Spanish Trail Road)
Moab, Utah, 84532 (Spanish Valley area)

Phone: (435) 259-7711

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 7am – 2pm
Thursday through Sunday: 7am – 2pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed

Spanish Valley stretches along Highway 191 and encompasses two counties, Grand and San Juan.  Only 2.5 miles from the borderline, resting upon a small hilltop, is a hidden gem of a restaurant.  Serving American, Southwestern, and a cuisine that most Americans only wonder about, South African; Hidden Cuisine is a must experience restaurant.  Opened two years ago by owner and chef, Zinzi M. Chamanifard, Hidden Cuisine has received rave reviews.

Zinzi arrived, from Cape Town, South Africa, in America on a student visa, and now holds a culinary degree in hospitality; and she is an acclaimed chef as well.  Her training began in the kitchens of Desert Bistro and Sweet Cravings (both located in Moab).  She excelled rapidly and decided to prove her merits by opening her own catering business.  Opportunity came knocking upon her door with the advertisement of a restaurant location up for sale; Zinzi opened that door gladly.

At first, the restaurant was only open for breakfast (available at all open hours) and lunch, but recently dinner specialties are being offered Thursday through Sunday.  For breakfast, items such as “Biscuits and Gravy”, “Southwest Country Fried Steak” and “Eggs Benedict” are elevated from ordinary to extraordinary.  The pepper gravy used for the biscuits and country fried steak is smooth, creamy with the correct amount of cracked black pepper to enhance, not overpower.  Zinzi’s hollandaise sauce for the eggs benedict is so rich, creamy and packed with flavor.  Do not be surprised to find yourself licking the place for every drop!  The biscuits are fluffy; steak is encased within a crispy coating, yet fork tender, sporting pepper gravy attire.  Poached eggs are perfect globes holding a golden orb of yolk, sitting upon grilled slices of ham and draped in a silky hollandaise sauce.  Both selections came with red-skinned potatoes grilled, yet tender.  As you can tell, we decided to try out breakfast first; it was at lunch time and so, so satisfying.

Eggs Benedict

Inside the Poached Eggs - glorious sunshine!

Southwest Country Fried Steak

The lunch menu features a southwestern version of Philly cheesesteak, wraps and salads.
  Dinner though, a new edition to Hidden Cuisine’s menus, has offerings that showcase Asian, American, Southwestern, Italian and South African specialties.  As with breakfast and lunch, Zinzi shows off her talents, and quest for quality.  Sourcing for foods is based upon quality, so local, as well as outside of Utah, companies are used.  There is only one chef in the kitchen, and that is Zinzi.  Her mission and vision for Hidden Cuisine is to provide quality to the customer; quality atmosphere, service, and most especially, in the food items. 

Speaking of quality service, Shauna, our waitress, is very friendly, knows the menu items, and speaks very highly of Zinzi, her cooking skills and the food.  Our visit to Hidden Cuisine was definitely enhanced by her welcoming attitude, and quality service.  There is that key word again, Quality!

Hidden Cuisine is that type of restaurant where, no matter what speed your gear is in; stop in, sit, eat and simply enjoy.  Being curious about new cuisines, we are looking forward to another visit; this time for dinner and the adventure of South African flavors.

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