Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Banger’s Bar and Pizza is all in the Family

Banger’s Bar and Pizza
315 US-491
Dove Creek, CO, 81324

Phone: (970) 677-2465

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Pizza-Place/Bangers-Bar-and-Pizza-104971214619929/

Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 11am – 9pm; Closed Sunday

Decades back, Tim Meyer’s father owned a building in Dove Creek, Colorado which housed the Old Frontier Bar, liquor store and the family.  Eventually the building was renovated and became the New Frontier Bar, a much loved local hang out.  There was a time when the building held an antique shop, and then quietly remained closed up.  That is until Tim purchased the property and was determined to bring it back to its focal status.

Tim, and wife, Shelly Poole, attended a Pizza Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Nevada.  There they learned about pizza making techniques, supplies, equipment, recipes, and, well, if it was pizza related, they learned about it.  Returning to Dove Creek, the inspiration hit, a plan was implemented, and on August 28, 2020, Banger’s Bar and Pizza held its Grand Opening.  August 2020!?!  That is correct, in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this crazy couple opened a new restaurant and bar with high hopes.

Those hopes have panned out into a success story.  Tourists, truckers, just-passing-through, and locals are enjoying a unique food array not seen in Dove Creek before.  The menu is not just pizza, but Italian specialties found in any respectable pizzeria.  Pizzas (pan or cracker thin crust), Calzones, Subs, Caprese, Salads, Appetizers and Desserts to please anyone hankering for Italian geared grub.

Our waitress/bartender for the evening was Breea Mykel Meyer, daughter of Tim Meyer and Shelley Poole.  She related to us the story of her grandfather owning and running Old Frontier, the liquor store, and the small living quarters in the back of the building.  The name, Banger’s, refers to her childhood, and much beloved, pet bulldog; his photograph is prominently featured at the bar.  Breea is no novice to the restaurant business, having also worked at Stateline Bar and Grill, also owned by Tim and Shelley.  As is the Sinclair, so you can say that bar/restaurant/food entrepreneurism runs rampant in this family line.

While we waited for our selections to arrive, take-out orders had a steady stream of pickups.  Several tables were taken up as well, with everyone respecting social distancing.  Conversations and laughter flowed, the atmosphere definitely welcoming, and comforting.  Wall television screens displayed, this evening, either a video related game show, or Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins, or Dives”; I am very sure you know which one I was watching.  On nights that feature local or state sporting events, the screens are tuned onto them.


Then the food began to arrive and all attention was on that.  Appetizer was Bangy Wangy Wings; six meaty wings served with Ranch dressing and celery sticks.  The wings are presmoked, deep fried and then finished off in Banger’s amazing brick pizza oven.  We choose BBQ flavor, and the sauce, due to the cooking technique, was infused all the way through the meat.  While the skin was still soft, it was not greasy or gummy, so gave a good mouth feel.


Next was the Chicken Parmigiana Sub; an entire chicken breast coated in a light and crispy breading (similar to Panko), deep fried, topped with sauce and melted cheese.  Absolutely amazing flavor and texture, and definitely getting this when they have it on the weekly special for the day!  Served with the sub was potato chips that are made in house.  Thinly sliced potatoes, deep fried to a rich brown color, crunchy and addictive.  These should be sold by the bag full, and I suggested it to Breea.  They are reminiscent of kettle cooked potato chips often sold at farmers’ markets, and much craved by potato chip lovers.


Third was the Calzone; we choose Banger’s sauce (rich marinara), Italian cheese blend and meatballs.  The dough was baked to perfection, the combination of sauce, cheese and meatball was so delicious!  A side serving of sauce comes with the calzone, but we dipped our chicken sub in it instead.  Alright, yes, I admit it, I licked the sauce off the plate when it dripped off my half of the sub.


Last, and definitely not least, was the Bangy Boo Pizza; we chose the cracker crust which was ultrathin, crispy, but did not fall apart with the generous layers of sauce, cheese and pepperoni on top.  Good flavor all throughout, and a nicely browned crust; this also passed the “cold pizza for breakfast” test the next morning.

Dessert?  After all the sampling we just pigged out on, there was no room at the inn for dessert!  However, I have promised myself that next time, yes, there will be a next time, and we will be trying out S’mores Pie, large enough for two.,

Most of the ingredients used to create these excellent dishes, are locally sourced in.  Tim and Shelley made sure to pick high quality items.  It certainly shows in the delicious flavors, tastes, and textures that come through while enjoying the various dining choices.

Oh, and how did we end up at Banger’s Bar and Pizza?  Date night of course, and the food, atmosphere and service made it a wonderful evening out.  So, whether eating in, or taking out, give Banger’s Bar and Pizza a try; or be like us and give each section of the menu a try.

Mary Cokenour


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