Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Make Mine a Pop’s Burrito.

Pop's Burritos

148 South Main Street (Hwy 191 South)
Blanding, Utah, 84511

Phone: (435) 678-2413

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 6AM–8PM
Friday - Saturday 6AM–9PM
Sunday Closed

In 2016, David E. Seiter opened up Pop’s Burritos with the idea of bringing fresh flavors and tastes of Mexico to San Juan County, namely in Blanding.  Now his small shop, Pop’s Burritos, has become the go to place for “Good Food – Good Friends – Good Times” as one of his many plaques read.

Stepping inside gets you an immediate “Welcome, and How can we help you?” from the friendly staff.   Breakfast offers up tasty burritos and bowls of meat, eggs and potatoes; or that all-time favorite, biscuits and gravy.  Lunch and dinner is a, what else, burrito; made any way you like it with a variety of meats, rice, vegetables and condiments.  The most popular with the locals are chicken and sweet pork, so we tried both and fully understand why.  The burritos are packed, and I’m talking loaded, with yummy goodness; succulent meats, a fresh assortment of vegetables, white or brown rice and beans.  Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you…let’s leave the ending to the imagination, shall we?

Smothered Chicken Burrito

Sweet Pork Burrito

We had a luncheon threesome with our buddy, Andy Platt, and he says when he’s needing a burrito, he’ll drive on down from Monticello to Pop’s.  Why not!?!  The sweet pork, chicken and steak are so tender, juicy and full of flavor; combined with a variety of fixings makes the eating experience out of this county!  Seating is available at tables, or counter and stools by the windows; we people watched as we, literally, stuffed our mouths.

The shop was busy with diners eating in, or taking out; while we decided on meals, a long line formed behind us.  Does Pop’s only offer up burritos?  Oh no, cheesy quesadillas, salads with your choice of ingredients, nachos and even a menu for the kids.  Vegans don’t distress, you will also enjoy the offerings available. 

Owner, David is a hands on guy in the kitchen and prep areas, but also makes the rounds with customers.  He is quite proud of his accomplishment and kudos to him on the success of Pop’s Burritos.  So, stop on by and pick one up, but be careful, they can be quite a handful.

Mary Cokenour

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