Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Thai Fine Dining

Thai Bella

218 North 100 West
Moab, Utah, 84532

Phone: (435) 355-0555


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When it comes to Thai culinary indulgence, Moab has become the new mecca with the opening of several restaurants featuring this unique cuisine.  The latest to open is Thai Bella, and if you know the owner, Bella Prucktrakhu, then you know this restaurant will have delicious food.  Bella has been involved with Pantele's Deli, Arches Thai and Arches Deli; all great successes, and this newest will also be one.

While geared towards "classic and contemporary" Thai cuisine, do not be fooled into thinking it will not be authentic Thai quality.  Bella is making sure the quality is what all her fans know, expect and desire.  The interior of the restaurant is beautiful with photos and paintings of the Moab area adorning the walls.  The overall decor blends into that classic and contemporary theme; it is fine dining without the pretentiousness; perfect for the Moab area.

Example; a couple came in the night we were there, dressed rather, well more elegant than others dining there.  At first they were unsure if they wanted to stay, considering the patrons around them were dressed very casually, even some in work wear.  Stayed they did, scanning the menu, ordering, tasting, the delight of the food lighting up their eyes, and the praises leaving their lips.

My husband and I were impressed with the artistic quality Bella put into the presentation of each dish; even the iced teas we ordered were a swirling blend of color.  On that note, let me get to the food itself.

Beginning with refreshing Green Jasmine and Thai Iced Teas,
we ordered two appetizers: Veggie Tempura and Cream Cheese Wontons.  The Veggie Tempura featured mushrooms, sweet potatoes, broccoli, onion rings lightly battered, crispy and delightful as is, or dipped into a light sweet and sour sauce.  The Cream Cheese Wontons were crispy on the outside and packed with warm, melting cream cheese; total decadence in the mouth.

Main dishes, I ordered Cashew Nut with Shrimp, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, cashews stir-fried with a sweet chili sauce.  The vegetables were lightly cooked to keep their natural textures, the shrimp had that perfect "scrunch" and once again the sauce was tasty, yet light and not overpowering.

My husband ordered Veggie Delight with Chicken; very reminiscent of a simple chicken and broccoli dish, but packed with carrots, zucchini, mushrooms and green beans.  Both dishes came with jasmine rice and I admit, we enjoyed playing with our food as much as eating it.

While hubby ate his entire meal, I made sure to take half of mine home for a second enjoyment, but I wanted dessert!  Bella creates this Fried Banana dessert that is out of this world; light and crispy spring roll wrappers surround banana made into a sweet, rich, creamy filling during the deep frying process.  Just to die for!

Thai Bella is currently open for dinner only, but it is perfect for a special occasion, celebration, relaxing after a day of hiking, climbing, ATVing or just to spoil yourself with an awesome culinary adventure.

Mary Cokenour

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